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Evangelical Christians Turning Against Israel – Part 3

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SupportIsraelBefore I Get started I want to comment on what is going on in Israel. Violence is on the rise and it started by the Palestinians kidnapping three Israeli students and executing them. There was, in return, a young Muslim kidnapped and found murdered later.

There was a difference between how the nation of Israel and the Muslim community dealt with the issue. The Prime Minister of Israel has condemned this senseless killing of this young Muslim. He said there is no place in Israel for this type of behavior. On the other hand the Muslim world has called those who killed the Israeli teens heroes and martyrs. The difference is staggering.

When Israel does strike against Hamas it is retaliation against the indiscriminate bombings and rocket attacks against innocent civilians in Israel. Hamas doesn’t care who they kill. Israel’s attacks are always aimed at military targets. These military targets hide among women and children using them as human shields. this makes it very difficult to target those guilty of firing rockets at Israel without killing innocents.

The Muslim community always refers to Israel as the “occupier.” If you have been following Fortress of Faith for any length of time you know that this is not so. A study of the Scriptures shows that the title deed of the land of Israel was given by God to the seed of Issac, not Ishmael. The Arabs are trying to steal the birthright, the covenant land, that God has given to Israel.

Now lets get to the main subject I want to discuss today. The year 2010 was one of dramatic escalation in the efforts to drive a wedge between American evangelicals and Israel using the medium of film. In the span of that one year, no less than three major documentaries were released attacking Christian support for Israel. These were hardly the first anti-Israel movies to be produced. What made these films special was that they were focused on discrediting Christian support for Israel. While First Run Features’ Waiting for Armageddon was produced and directed by a team of secular documentarians, two other films—With God on Our Side (Rooftop Productions, 2010) and Little Town of Bethlehem (EthnoGraphic Media, 2010)—were made by Christians specifically for Christians. With God on Our Side was produced by Porter Speakman, a former Youth with a Mission activist while Little Town of Bethlehem was funded and produced by Mart Green, chairman of the board of trustees of Oral Roberts University and heir to the Hobby Lobby arts and crafts stores fortune.

These two Christian-made films are masterpieces of deception. They feature compelling protagonists wandering earnestly through a Middle Eastern landscape in which all Arab violence, aggression, and rejectionism have been magically erased. Thus the Israeli security measures they encounter along the way—from the security fence to Israel’s ongoing presence in the West Bank—are experienced as baffling persecutions, which any decent person would condemn.

More recently, in November 2013, another anti-Israel documentary—The Stones Cry Out—was released. Like its 2010 predecessors, this documentary specifically tailors its anti-Israel message to a Christian audience. The film’s website laments: “All too often, media coverage of the conflict in Palestine has framed it as a fight between Muslims and Jews.” The not-too subtle goal of The Stones Cry Out is to reframe the conflict as a fight between Christians and Jews.

The Stones Cry Out begins with the story of Kfar Biram, a Christian Arab village on Israel’s border with Lebanon. Israel expelled the village’s residents in 1948 in order to, in the words of the film’s website, “make way for settlers in the newly created state of Israel.” The film then moves on to “the expropriation of the West Bank in 1967” and the plight of modern Bethlehem, which is “hemmed in by the wall.” As such language repeatedly makes clear, the filmmakers did not craft a nuanced critique of Israeli policies. They produced instead a modern passion play.

In 2012 600 Christian leaders were taken to the Christ at the Checkpoint conference to turn them against Israel. They are now having conferences in America with the same goals.

George Soros is also involved with the Tellus Group. They are sending people over with a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel program. The Evangelical pastors in America are being targeted. Soros is commuted to destabilizing nations ad wiping out Christianity.

What can we do? American Pastors must teach people what the Bible says about Israel and God’s future plans concerning His chosen people.

Dr. Coovert has written an article on Replacement Theology and I have invited him on the broadcast to talk about this doctrine. You can follow him at

Like any group, whether it be religion, politics, or any other groups, there will be differences. You can’t put everyone in the exact same category. What we will discuss today is an overview and not all of those who believe Replacement Theology will agree with everything I will say. Those who say that the information I will give you is not what Replacement Theology teaches are doing so by changing the meanings of words. If you take the meaning of the words used, what I am going to tell you today is what this doctrine teaches.

Replacement Theology would not have a leg to stand on were it not for some errors that came out of the Reformation. Without two of these errors there would be no Replacement Theology.

The first of these is the doctrine that only certain people could be saved. It is called Calvinism, and I know that there is more to Calvinism that this one thing. Election is, however, the most known precept of this system of doctrine.

The system of doctrine taught by Calvin is Augustinianism, which was common to all of the Reformers. The Reformation was a great revival of Augustinianism. Remember, it was Augustine who, more than anyone else, formed the basis for the Catholic Church.

Calvin himself wrote:

“Augustine is so wholly with me, that if I wished to write a confession of my faith, I could do so with all fullness and satisfaction to myself out of his writings.” (Treatises on the Eternal Predestination of God the Secret Providence of God By: John Calvin)

Another major error that came out of the Reformation was Covenant theology. It has been renamed and repackaged by some to Replacement theology and is also known as supersessionism. As with all theological systems, there is some variance withing those who hold this doctrine. It essentially teaches that the “Church” has replaced Israel in God’s plan. Those who hold to this theological system believe that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people. They believe that since they refused the Messiah God has rejected them and replaced them with the “Church”. They believe God has no specific future plans for the nation of Israel.

Many will disagree with me on this next point, but if you study it out you will find that if you take the Bible for what it says, and don’t color it with your prejudices, that it is sound Bible doctrine. I have written a book on the subject that you and get on my website.

This major error was the changing of the doctrine of the Catholic (universal) church. Before the rise of the Catholic Church the idea that there is any kind of universal church or universal body of Christ was unknown. From the rise of the Catholic Church to the Reformation the doctrine of the universal church held that it was a visible church that including all Christians on earth. This idea of a “universal” church was made popular by Augustine and his work “The City of God.” He taught that there was no salvation outside of the Catholic (universal) Church.

The reformers found themselves outside of the Catholic Church and needed to justify their existence outside of her because they had been taught that there is no salvation outside of the catholic (universal) church. They changed the supposed universal visible church into an invisible church which supposedly included all of the saved no matter which denominational church they were part of.

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