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The Coming Islamic Caliphate – Part 1

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Before I get into the main subject I want to mention some things about what is going on in Israel. If you followed the news yesterday you know that Israel sent ground troops int Gaza yesterday. Early Sunday, Israeli naval commandos launched a brief raid into northern Gaza to destroy what the military described as a rocket-launching site, an operation it said left four of its soldiers slightly wounded.

Lets look at some things that will help us understand what is going on. First, we are in the holy month of Ramadan. This is one of Islam’s most important holy times. To launch a full military offensive would not be wise for Israel.

Secondly we need to remember what started this present escalation? Hamas kidnapped three Israeli teens and murdered them. It was not started by Israel.

There is another ripple that I am learning about that bears mentioning. There is an election coming up soon and Hamas’s rival group, Fatah, and it looks like Hamas may be may be flexing its muscles so they don’t look weak. For this reason they have provoked Israel.

Not only is Israel being pounded by Hamas from Gaza, but now they are receiving missiles from Lebanon. Hamas (Sunni) is attacking from Gaza and Hezbollah  (Shiite) is attacking from Lebanon. This shows that even though the Sunni and Shiite Muslims don’t like each other, they will join together to destroy Israel.

One of the targets of the Muslims was one of Israel’s nuclear power plants hoping this might cause a nuclear disaster. Fortunately they were not successful, but this does show how nasty it could get. We will keep an eye on things and keep you informed.

allahOver the next four days I want to talk about the coming Islamic Caliphate. If you have been following the news you know that the leader of ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) claims to be the new Caliph in Islam. He is demanding the loyalty of the entire Islamic world.

We will be breaking this down. We will be looking at the differences between the Sunni and the Shia Muslims and seeing how this affects the situation we see in the Middle East.

Before I get started let me say that I am very concerned about the fact that our churches are being fooled into thinking that Islam and Christianity have the same God. We have done a four part series on this subject which you can read starting here. Shaham, my co-host, has a DVD on this subject which is available on his website The Truth In Love Project.

For the most part the Media is not reporting the truth about ISIS. They are not telling us what is really happening in the Middle East.

Both the media and the present administration claim that all of this has caught them by surprise. Evidence shows that they knew about this for some time before it hit the headlines.

We are going to bring it all out into the open. We will see how the division between the Sunni and the Shia Muslims is at the root of this. We will see how and why the fighting has been going on in Syria and has now spread eastward into Iraq. This was not just an overnight whim. There has been months of planning in preparation for this offensive. There have been signals that it was coming that have been ignored by the present administration. We will also see how our leaving Iraq has left this fledgling nation vulnerable to this attack.

Another part of the equation is the administration and both sides of the aisle in Congress saying that we must support the rebels in Syria. For the first time since 1920 and the fall of the Ottoman Empire we have an Islamic Caliphate. We need to understand what a caliphate is. I want our listeners to understand that our government has had a hand in supporting ISIS, first by potentially arming them and secondly, by vacating Iraq and leaving them defenseless. We know that Iran has been working to destabilize Iraq as well.

Maliki, the Prime Minister in Iraq is a Shiite Muslim, not a Sunni Muslim. Even though the Shiites are in the minority they are ruling in Iraq and are suppressing the Sunni. Remember, Iran is Shiite. Just like in Iran in 1979 it was the US government under President Carter that supported th return of Khomeini and the removal of the “dictator” the Shah of Iran. They wanted to set up a democracy in Iran.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? Haven’t we heard that we now have democracy in the Middle East? Isn’t this what this administration supported in the “Arab Spring” in Egypt and the rest of the Islamic nations? Iran is a perfect example when you try to create a democracy in an Islamic country. It will always create a religious totalitarian state with sham elections.

The famous “Arab Spring” is more like an “Arab Winter.” Instead of coming into the light, they are going deeper into darkness. We have many articles that talk about the Arab Spring on this website.

Those in the West were lied to. We were told that the Arabs were moving away from fundamental Islam when in fact they were moving deeper into Shariah Law. Mubarak was removed from power, not because they wanted a more democratic Egypt, but because he wasn’t enough of a fundamentalist. One of the major problems was the fact that he had signed a peace agreement with Israel.

This is the same thing that happened in Libya, Morocco, and Algeria. All of these had to go because they had secular governments. This is what is going on in Syria. The fundamentalists (read ISIS) is trying to overthrow the secular Syrian government. It hasn’t been working and the Obama administration came down on the side of the fundamentalists.

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