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The Coming Islamic Caliphate – Part 3

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Egypt had put together a cease fire between Israel and Hamas. Israel accepted the truce and stopped it attacks into Gaza but Hamas rejected it and responded by shooting many more rockets into Israel.

Yesterday Israel had its first casualty. Most of the rocket from Gaza have been shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. As a result of the continuing attacks against Israel Netanyahu is forced to step up the attacks against Hamas.

There are a couple of things I want to say on this. First, The US sends $500,000,000 to the Palestinians and we need to send a message. We need to tell them that if they continue these attacks against our ally, Israel, we are cutting off your funding. I don’t believe this would cause them to cease their attacks on Israel, but it will add more incentive to do so.

If we continue to support them we are actually buying the rockets for them. We know that most of them are coming from Iran.

Secondly I want to remind you of what I have said in the past. If Israel were to lay down their arms today and say we are not going to fight any more, Israel would cease to exist because the terrorist organizations and the Muslim groups will push Israel into the sea. This is their expressed goal.

On the other hand, if the Muslims were to lay down their arms an say we are not going to fight any more there would be peace. The truth of this is seen in each side’s response to the cease fire put together by Egypt.

allahNow I want to direct our attention back to Iraq and this new caliphate with ISIS. A report from the London Telegraph says that 9 others were Crucified – however one survived. It is not clear if these victims were Christians, however, it is clear that they are mocking the Christian faith. The city of Raqqa is a historic Christian city that is now under Dhemmitude and the Christians have to pay Muslims Jizya for protection as earlier reported.

The Daily Beast also has an article on this subject.

The reason this is significant is because it is an attempt to mock our Christian faith. One of the foundational teachings of Islam is that Jesus was not crucified.

Surah 4:157-158 “And their saying: Surely we have killed the Messiah, Isa son of Marium, the apostle of Allah; and they did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so (like Isa) and most surely those who differ therein are only in a doubt about it; they have no knowledge respecting it, but only follow a conjecture, and they killed him not for sure. Nay! Allah took him up to Himself; and Allah is Mighty, Wise.”

Without the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ there is no Christianity. When the Muslims crucify Christians they are asking the same thing that was asked at Christs crucifixion, where is your God now? It is a statement saying that the God of the Christians is impotent.

We need to understand that the Islamic world believes that this is their time. The Islamic world is looking to return back to the days of glory of the Ottoman Empire. That came to an end just before 1920. The Islamic world was set back on it heels. There were about 300,000,000 Muslims in the world at that time. Over the last 100 years they have experienced numerical growth, and they are now in the midst of revival.

In 100 years the Muslim population has grown from 300,000,00 to 1.6 billion. The discovery of oil in many of their lands has made them wealthy. They believe that this is their time because Allah has put wealth under their feet and grown their numbers. This is what the Arab Spring was about.

In the West we were led to believe that the Arab Spring was a movement away from fundamentalism toward democracy. Actually the opposite was happening. The people were actually trying to overthrow secular leaders and replace them with imams. If you follow Fortress of Faith you already know this.

Because of the success of ISIS they think that their time has come. The land they hold in Iraq and Syria is twice the size of Israel. It is estimated that ISIS now has one billion dollars of assets. ISIS is a well armed and well financed militant jihadist group. While this may be a bit premature, the fact of their success and their boldness shows that this is a serious matter.

I would also like to point out that our government has potentially armed this group. World New Daily has an article that shows the truth of this statement.

One of the results of this poor foreign policy is that Christians around the world are suffering. One must wonder why the Obama administration has not lifted a finger in defense of the suffering Christians. We documented this with Walid Shoebat in previous posts on this site.

What is happening on our southern border shows the distorted vision of the present administration. It wants to allow an unlimited number of illegal aliens to enter this country, but they will not lift a finger to help the persecuted Christians.

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