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The Coming Islamic Caliphate – Part 4

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Let me share some news with you before we get to the main subject of the coming Islamic caliphate. According to BBC we have a British man, Babar Ahmad, who has been tried in an American court who is considered the godfather of Internet jihad. He has many followers around the world. He finally plead guilty and is finally behind bars.

Here is the rub behind this issue. He is likely to get out in less than a year. Ahsan is going free because of his time served while on remand. Ahmad is likely to be back in the UK within months because of the time he has spent in prison. What will happen to him when he returns?

allahNow lets get back to the coming Islamic caliphate. We will start by looking at the different jihadist groups. Some have a Sunni background and other have a Shiite background. First lets look at some of the Shiite groups.

The Iranian government is one of the largest sponsors of terrorism. It has two main groups that it supports. There is Hezbollah, which is a major organization based in Lebanon. It is not just a terrorist organization, it is now the government of Lebanon. Hezbollah is also strong in Syria. The second main group supported by Iran is Islamic Jihad. These are the two main Shiite jihadist groups.

The goals of these groups is to bring down the West and to annihilate Israel. Of course their main goal is to establish an Islamic caliphate which rules the world.

Now lets look at the Sunni jihadist groups. Since the Sunni Muslims are the largest segment of Islam, there are more Sunni jihadist groups. The one we are most familiar with here in America is al-Quaeda. We are also familiar with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Another group is al-Shaabab out of Somalia. Boca Hiram in Nigeria which is best known for kidnapping the school girls. It has also been throwing Molotov cocktails into churches during the services and as the Christians run out they are hacking them to pieces. Another group out of Afghanistan is the Mujahideen.

We must not forget Hamas, the group that is behind all of the unrest in Palestine. Like Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas is now the government in Palestine. Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is one of the largest Sunni terrorist groups which has birthed a lot of smaller groups.

We see these different factions fighting each other like ISIS in Iraq fighting against the Shiites. The obvious question is why not let them destroy each other? At the end of the day, both factions have the same goals and will join together to accomplish them. There common goals are the destruction if the “little Satan,” Israel, and the “big Satan,” the United States.

We have Israel sandwiched between Hezbollah in Lebanon on the north and Hamas on the south, both intent upon the destruction of this nation. One of them is Shiite and the other is Sunni, but their goal is the same and they will cooperate to reach that goal.

We must pray for Jerusalem, we must pray for the Jewish people, and we must pray for peace in Israel.

I know people get upset when we say that Obama is a Muslim, but the evidence indicates that he is. Although he has said that he is a Christian, it is clear from Islamic law that he is stil a Muslim. His actions and his words also give support to this fact. He ridicules and mocks Christianity and the Bible. He has never renounce Islam. The greatest evidence of this is his support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Anyone who has eyes to see knows that he is working behind the scenes on their behalf. Can it be any more clear than that?

We now see this administration sending delegates to Iran asking for their help in fighting ISIS. It as been Iran’s goal for some time to destabilize Iraq so that it can take it over. Our government has declared Iran moderate and is asking for their help. How ironic is this?

This is the first time we see Obama going to the Shiites for help. He has been backing the Sunni. The reason for this is that Maliki is Shiite and he is trying to build a coalition with Iran. It is the only place in that region that he can find help.

Obama has egg on his face because of his policy in Iraq. He declared everything good in Iraq to score political points and now he has to try and do something. The only thing he can do is seek help from Iran.

Will this work? I really don’t think so. As I have said for years, you cannot bring Islamic nations to democracy without changing Islam. Islam and democracy are incompatible. Islam requires a caliphate, and a caliphate is a dictatorship.

May God open the eyes of America and allow us to see what is happening. God is using Islam to judge our nation and the other western nations. We need to repent and turn back to the God of the Bible. Our only hope as a nation is 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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