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Israel’s Ground Offensive Against Hamas

Listen to today’s Broadcast:

Missiles being fired into Israel

Missiles being fired into Israel

You have probably heard that Israel has started its ground offensive against Hamas. There have been over 1,500 rockets fired into Israel by Hamas from Gaza over the last ten days. Israel had responded with air attacks and one small ground incursion prior to yesterday.

In spite of international attempts to broker a truce, which Israel has agreed to, Hamas has continued its rocket attacks against Israel. Hamas also used its tunnel system to launch an attack against Israel. This attack was thwarted by Israel.

Let me remind you that the destruction of Israel is the whole reason for the existence of Hamas. Their charter forbids any negotiation with Israel. We talked about this on July 11th and you can read about it here. How do you get a peace agreement that is dedicated to Israel’s destruction and refuses to negotiate? As long as Hamas and similar groups like Hezbolah and Fatah exist there can be no peace with Israel.

I have said before but it bears saying again, if Israel were to lay down its arms and refuse to fight tomorrow, Israel would cease to exist. On the other hand, if the Arabs were to lay down their arms and refuse to fight there would be peace. If Israel doesn’t defend itself it is inviting its destruction. As is always the case, the response must be grater than the attacks it receives. It has to be great enough to instill fear in the enemy.

If you listen to the popular media you will find that they usually place the blame for the conflict on Israel. This is nothing new, but those who are aware of the facts know that this is not true.

Palestinian Ambassador Ibrahim Khraishi made a faux pas by admitting that the rockets fired by Hamas into Israel are a crime against humanity. Here is what he said:

I am not a candidate in any Palestinian elections, so I don’t need to win popularity among the Palestinians. The missiles that are now being launched against Israel, each and every missile constitutes a crime against humanity, whether it hits or misses, because it is directed at civilian targets.

Of course he also said that Israel’s attacks were also crimes against humanity. There is a difference, however. Hamas fires missiles into Israel with out warning and they target civilian areas with the intent of killing civilians. Israel, on the other hand, warns when they must fire into civilian areas in order to target military targets that are deliberately placed where civilians will be killed if they are attacked.

If you doubt what I am saying remember that Israel warn civilians before they target civilian areas even though it may jeopardize their attack on military targets. Israel uses its missiles to protect civilians, but Hamas uses civilians to protect its rockets. When Israel warns people to leave Hamas threatens them with death if they do.

I want to turn our attention to the United Nations. The UN has a strong anti-Israel bias. The reason for this is that the Muslim nations have formed a large voting block called the OIC (the Organization of Islamic Cooperation). This group has even gotten non-Muslim nations to join their voting block. Russia is one of the best examples of a non-Muslim nation who votes with this block.

If there is a resolution against Israel or any other action against them or any action that supports Islam this group is able to bring together a majority to vote against Israel and for Islam.

According to a UN Watch report, featured on Canadian TV and now going viral on Facebook, there will be a total of 21 one-sided resolutions targeting the Jewish state in this session of the U.N. General Assembly — and only 4on the rest of the world combined.

An example of one of the resolutions: —

9 November 2012 – Agenda item 53

Report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices

Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other

Arabs of the Occupied Territories

“Expressing grave concern about the continuing systematic violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people by Israel, the occupying Power, including that arising from the excessive use of force and military operations causing death and injury to Palestinian civilians, including children, women and non-violent, peaceful demonstrators; the arbitrary imprisonment and detention of Palestinians; the use of collective punishment; the closure of areas; the confiscation of land; the establishment and expansion of settlements; the construction of a wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in departure from the Armistice Line of 1949; the destruction of property and infrastructure; and all other actions by it designed to change the legal status, geographical nature and demographic composition of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem…”

Book – From Time Immemorial (1984) by Joan Peters, a CBS Journalist

Page 3-4

Opening Chapter:

“It was not until this book was well under way that I reluctantly confronted the historical factors underlying the ‘Palestinian problem.’ The book was originally meant to be solely an investigation of the current plight of the ‘Arab refugees.’

“I came to learn that the Arabs weren’t the only unfortunates who fled from their homes at the time…. I’d assumed that Arab refugees from Israel were the ‘Middle East refugees’, I was startled to find that, also around 1948, whole Jewish populations from numerous Arab countries had been forced to flee as refugees to Israel and elsewhere in the world.”

“Though I read through stacks of documents concerning the refugees…some other key beliefs in the popular (and my personal) understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict were shaken. For example, while I was examining the UN data from 1948 onward, a seemingly casual alteration of the definition of what constitutes an Arab ‘refugee’ from Israel caught my attention….. the more or less universally used description of eligibility included those people who were forced to leave ‘permanent’ or ‘habitual’ homes. In the case of the Arab refugees, however, the definition had been broadened to include as ‘refugees’ any persons who had been in ‘Palestine’ for only two years before Israel’s statehood in 1948.” – Joan Peters – FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL – The origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine.

Lost Credibility in the UN

Sept 25, 2012 – Sudan has been elected in the UN to head the HUMAN RIGHTS panel.

Sun News in Canada reported that Sudan has killed, 300,000 in armed conflicts in the nation under the current president.

On another note….

$2 Billion to Palestine ( over last 3 years)

According to the Foreign Affairs Government website, US Congress Women from Florida, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is now questioning the wisdom of the United States’ $2 billion in assistance to the Palestinians over the past three years… Bibles in over 200 LanguagesWhen anyone looks at the facts they will learn that Israel is the real victim and the Arabs, especially Hamas, are the aggressors.

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