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The Conflict Between Israel and Hamas, Who Is The Real Villian?

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MuslimDivisionLogoI want to look at what is going on between Israel and Hamas, but before I do I want to mention another item in the news. It seems that flying is getting more dangerous. We have the Malaysian airliner that went missing a short time ago, the Malaysian plane that was shot down over the Ukraine, and now the flight from Ouagadougou, the capital of the west African nation of Burkina Faso, to Algiers. According to Fox News, French investigators say that the most likely cause of the crash was bad weather, but that terrorism cannot be ruled out.

Now lets get to the main subject for today. As I’m sure you are aware, Israel has launched a ground assault into Gaze to destroy the rockets and the tunnels that are being used to attack Israel. It is somewhat surprising how sophisticated many of these tunnels are. So far they have found twenty-eight tunnels with more than sixty access shafts leading into these tunnels.

In these tunnels they have found weapons, maps, and even uniforms of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). These uniforms allow the Hamas terrorists to come out of the tunnels in Israel dressed as Israeli soldiers. These tunnels are being destroyed. The air assault is continuing also.

It is a sad thing to see innocent civilians die in this crisis. I want you to understand that Israel is doing all that it can to limit the civilian deaths. Hamas is responsible for these civilian deaths because they hide their rocket launchers in places where they know that there will be maximum civilian casualties if the launchers are attacked. I also want you to understand that every time Hamas fires a rocket into Israel they are aiming at civilian targets. This means that every time Hamas launches a rocket toward Israel they are committing an international war crime.

Hamas knows full well that what they are doing is a war crime. A few days ago I mentioned that even the Palestinian ambassador to the UN admitted that this is so. Here is what he said:

I am not a candidate in any Palestinian elections, so I don’t need to win popularity among the Palestinians. The missiles that are now being launched against Israel, each and every missile constitutes a crime against humanity, whether it hits or misses, because it is directed at civilian targets.

The injustice of the reporting on this conflict is seen in the fact that what Hamas does is not condemned but every time Israel responds, it is condemned as a war crime. Hamas is not concerned about the success of their rocket attacks because there real goal is the propaganda value in the war of world wide public opinion. The more civilian casualties they can show on the news, the better for them.

I hope that someday the Palestinians will wake up and realize that Hamas is not their friend. I recently saw a video of a Hamas soldier running for protection against Israeli soldiers and he grabbed a young Palestinian boy and used him as a human shield. How terrible is that?

Another thing that shows the attitude of Hamas toward Palestinian civilians is that when Israel warns them to flee because an attack is coming, Hamas tells that that if they do leave they will face death at the hands of Hamas. The poor civilians are caught in the middle. They will face possible death if they stay and certain death if they leave.

When we see the facts, we see who the real villains are in this conflict. You sure would not know this from the reporting of the news media.

Right now the Obama administration is trying to get Israel to lay down its arms unilaterally and make peace. John Kerry is, at this moment, in Israel trying to accomplish this very thing.

As I have said many times, and will continue to say until the message is fully understood, if Israel were to lay down its arms and refuse to fight, Israel would cease to exist. On the other hand, if Hamas and the other Muslim terrorist groups would lay down their arms there would be peace in the Middle East.

Don’t be surprised when the UN comes out with a declaration condemning Israel. The UN has lost any semblance of being impartial. It is an organization that will always stand against Israel. They will stand against Israel even when it is unreasonable to do so. They will do so because of the influence of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation).

Why is it that this group has this much control in the UN? One in four people in the world today is a Muslim. This is a lot of people and their influence is being seen in the world. Islam feels that because of their numbers and because of the wealth that Allah has given Islam by putting oil under their sand, that this is their day. We are seeing the aggression of Islam because they think their time has come for world conquest.

The world needs to stand up. It needs to resist Islam or the way of life we have will soon be a thing of the past. Islam is the enemy, it is not radical Islam. What is happening today is exactly what Muhammad made Islam to be. They are following his example and his teachings.

We can be thankful that there are “moderate” Muslims. We need to understand that they are not moderate because of what Islam teaches or what Islam is. Many are moderate because don’t know what Islam really teaches. Many of the Muslims of the world are not able to read and write. Muslims are told that the Qur’an can only be understood in its original language, which is Arabic, and most Muslims who can read and write, can’t read Arabic. They are forced to believe what their clerics tell them, they can’t study it out for themselves.

There are other “moderate” Muslims who do know what the Qur’an says but they don’t like it so they try to make it something different. They want to make it more peaceful, more pluralistic, and more acceptable to the rest of the world. They say that Christians had there reformation, even though they don’t know what that means. They think that we changed Christianity and made it something that it was not before. They are thinking that it is time for Islam to have its reformation. They are trying to make Islam something that it is not, and has never been.

The good news is that most Muslims who have come to America, have come here because they wanted to escape the tyranny of Islam. We can be thankful that there are a good number of peaceful Muslims living in America. Those who fit into this category are not the true face of Islam because, although there are moderate Muslims, there is no moderate Islam.

Groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS are the true face of Islam. They are just following the teachings of their founder, Muhammad.

True Islam will continue to fight all of those who are not part of Islam because there are only two houses is Islam, the house of Islam (submission to Allah), and the house of war. Until we wake up and realize the truth concerning Islam and take a stand against this militant ideology there is no hope for peace in the Middle East, or in the rest of the world. Israel and the non-Muslim world did not declare war on Islam, Islam has declared war on us. Until we fight Islam as the enemy we will continue to have the same results we are having today.

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