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Is President Obama A Muslim – Part 1

Listen to today’s broadcast:

their-god-changes-path-of-rockets-300x199For the next four days we will be looking at whether or not President Obama is still a Muslim. He tells non-Muslims that he is a Christians and he tells Muslims that he is a Muslim. I want to explain why he does this. It is not just a political angle that he uses to win people from different camps. We will look into things that he has said and things that he has done to draw our conclusion.

Before we get into this let’s look at what is happening in the Middle East. Israel is still pounding away at Hamas. If Hamas cease their hostilities against Israel the fighting would end. We need to remember that it was Hamas that started this by kidnapping three young Israeli students and murdering them. This is what started this new round of fighting.

Israel has the wherewithal to win these conflicts every time. This is largely because of America’s support. Praise God that America has been enabling Israel to protect herself. Here is something interesting in the News. A terrorist from Hamas was why they couldn’t aim their rockets more effectively. He responded, “We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air.”

How powerful is this? A terrorist admits that the God of Israel is able to protect them from their efforts to kill Israelis! Israel wisely does not just depend upon miracles, but believes that their God has also given them the ability to protect themselves. This does show, however, whose god is the most powerful.

I want to look at one more thing before I get into today’s subject. Yesterday, Sunday July 26, 2014, in Chicago, there was a large rally, over 2,000, possibly as many as 3,000 supporters of Palestine protesting against Israel and what they are calling genocide against civilians. It is amazing how blind people choose to be.

Why did this take place in Chicago? It is because Chicago is the home of CAIR, which is Hamas doing business in America. CAIR is an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is Hamas.

Now let’s get to the subject at hand.

Shahram’s Testimony, obama-with-muslims

One of the most asked questions I get when I go out and speak somewhere is, “Is Obama a Muslim?” Today we are going to try to answer this question by laying out the evidence to support our claim that, President Obama is still a Muslim.

Before we get started on this subject I would like to share Shahram Hadian’s, the co-host on our Saturday broadcast, testimony on how he came out of Islam and became a Christian pastor. We will explain why Obama’s claim to have left Islam and become a Christian don’t ring true to someone who was once a Muslim. What follows is Shahram’s testimony:

“First of all, Tom, you are absolutely right that we get this question all of the time. In fact I think I ave a standing record personally that I have not had a presentation of Islam where I have not gotten this question, so I’m a hundred percent on this question.

“You are absolutely right though, that as a former Muslim, for the listeners that are hearing us for the first time, I was born in Iran. I was born as a Muslim, as we left Iran in 1978.

“I became a Christian 15 years ago. And when I became a Christian there was nothing in me that wanted to make me retain any aspect of my upbringing as a Muslim. Now I’m not talking about cultural things because I am also a Persian and I have cultural things. I’m talking about having a Muslim background. There’s nothing of me that wanted to keep my Muslim background. I never glorified Islam after I became a Christian, I began to understand the truth of the Word of God. I began to understand the Jesus Christ is the one God, the only God, and that Islam is a false belief system.

“So, Tom, when I see a person who claims to be, in this case our President, who claims to be a Christian and yet everything about him is screaming ‘I’m a Muslim,’ and then I have my Christian friends who tell me ‘Shahram, you’re just wrong, he says he’s a Christian’ I have a problem with that, Tom, because I know many, many former Muslims, and every former Muslim I know that has a true testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ, never glorifies Islam. Never! They never come and say, ‘Well you know, There’s still some really good parts of Islam, or, you know, the prayers is beautiful, you know, or things we’re going to talk about later in the show, Tom, were going to talk about these things, we’re going to unpack them, but I never have former Muslims come to me and say, ‘You know, Islam isn’t really that bad’ or its a ‘peaceful religion.’ No! They awaken to it, understand what it is, they come out of it, they understand they’ve come out of the darkness into light of Christ, of the Kingdom of God, so, yes, I have a major with this whole issue because we’re not looking at the evidence, we’re not looking at the fruit, we’re only looking at what somebody is saying, in this case the President and we must examine the fruit, why is he a Muslim, why you and I, Tom, so confident that he is a Muslim, that’s what we’re going to unpack on the show?

We want you to understand that we are not saying these things just to oppose Obama because we don’t like him or the color of his skin. If you think that we are so prejudicial that we will just through anything out against someone then you haven’t been following this ministry.

We are going to lay out the evidence that is based upon empirical evidence, evidence that cannot be refuted. We will look at things Obama has said, things that he has done, things that we know to be true. Just because he says he is a Christian doesn’t make it so. There are many who claim to be Christians who don’t know anything about what a true Christian is. They have not truly been born again. The Bible says that many will claim to be believers who are not.

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Mat 7:21-23

There will be those who think they are Christians, and will find themselves in the pits of Hell. This is why it is so important that pastors equip the saints to be able to discern good and evil, how to discern what is good fruit and what is bad fruit.

Christians are being deceived. How many Christians voted for Obama because he said he was a Christian? Many Christians voted for Obama because he said he was a Christian. Our concern is that so many Christians have so little discernment on things like this. Jesus warned of the day when some would come in His name saying they were followers of Christ, when they were not.

Another aspect we most look at is that specifically in Islam Muslims are permitted to lie. There are those who think they are Christians and are not, but we must understand that Muslims can pretend to be Christians if it will advance the cause of Islam. This is allowed because the Qur’an says that Allah is the “greatest of deceivers.”

It is difficult to know one’s heart in this area. This is why, when it comes to those who claim to have left Islam, we must examine the fruit.

We will continue this subject tomorrow.

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