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Is President Obama A Muslim? – Part 2

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Today we are continuing with the evidence that President is still a Muslim. This is an important issue because it explains a his international policy concerning the most important issues in the world today.

How Does One Become A Muslim, and How Does One Leave Islam?

First let’s look at how one becomes a Muslim. First, one can convert to Islam by simply by saying with conviction, “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur rasoolu Allah,” This saying means “There is no true god (deity) but God (Allah),1 and Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of God.”

One can also be forced to convert to Islam. We see this happening in Iraq right now as Christians are being forced to convert, pay a tax, leave, or die.

The way most become Muslims is by birth. If one is born of Muslim parents, or even if only one’s father is a Muslim, he automatically becomes a Muslim. It has nothing to do with the mother. This is how Shahram became a Muslim. His parents and grandparents were Muslims, so he was a Muslim.

We know that Obama’s father was a Muslim. We don’t know for sure about his mother, but that doesn’t matter.

How does one stop being a Muslim? Once one is born a Muslim the only way to stop being a Muslim is to become an apostate and formally renounce Islam.

A perfect example of this is what was in the news recently from Sudan. Miriam Ibrahim, a Christian Sudanese woman, was in jail for converting to Christianity. The father of her children was a Christian so the Islamic government of Sudan didn’t recognize him because he was a Christian. If the father had been a Muslim the children would have been considered Muslims. Miriam’s father was a Muslim, but her Christian mother raised her as a Christian so, by our way of thinking, she never was a Muslim, but to the Islamic world she was. Therefore, although she had never practiced Islam, she was considered a convert from Islam, which according to Islamic law, is a capital offense.

President Obama’s father was a Muslim so must he must formally renounce Islam to stop being a Muslim and become a true Christian. There must be evidence that the person has left the faith otherwise you are still considered a Muslim. The evidence could be that they become a Christian and as such they start practicing the Christian faith. But the only way you can fully know is that there is a formal denunciation of Islam. Once you do this you become and apostate, and the punishment for apostasy is death.

We must ask the question, has the President, who was born to a Muslim father, who grew up in Indonesia as a Muslim and went to a Madras (an Islamic school), where he studied the Qur’an, has he ever denounce Islam? Has anyone ever heard him say, “I am no longer a Muslim, I have left Islam, I consider Islam false and Allah is not the true God?”

We will give more evidence, but I want you to know that it is that clear cut in Islamic law. We are not talking about what we think, we are talking about what is recognized Islam law.

This is a crucial point. Just because a Muslim claims to have become a believer in Jesus Christ, doesn’t make it so. To find out if he is really a Christian you mist find out if he willingly and publicly has, or will, renounced Islam. If they have not and refuse to do so, or if they are evasive on the subject keep them at arm’s length.

One of our biggest issues with Obama is that he has not done this. We do have evidence of him telling Christians that he is a Christian, but there is also evidence of his telling Muslims that he is a Muslim. The most credible evidence of this is back when he made his apology tour for America. He went to two Muslim nations, Egypt and Turkey, and told in private to the Egyptian Foreign Minister that he was a Muslim. Although this was said in private, the Egyptian Foreign Minister made it public on Egyptian TV. Here is what he said:

The American President told me, in confidence, that he is a Muslim. He asked the Muslim world to show patience, Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic problems (i.e. health care) that he would show the Muslim world what he would do with Israel.

This is well documented in various sources.

We need to look at Obama’s claims to becoming a Christian. The are based upon his supposedly biblical teachings that he received from Pastor Jeremiah Wright at the United Church of Christ. We must understand that Obama’s testimony of conversion hinges on this man. Pastor Wright is the one who supposedly led him to Christ.

Before we get into the issue of Jeremiah Wright I want us to understand that Obama, instead of renouncing Islam, glorifies it. He said that one of the most beautiful sounds to him is the Islamic call to prayer at sunset. We talked about his calling the Qur’an the Holy Qur’an last week and rather that repeating it you can read our notes on this subject.

In an interview of Ed Klein on his new book “The Amature” by Sean Hannity, Mr. Klein said the following:

Ed Klein — May 14, 2012

“The Reverend Wright told me on tape that Obama came to him and said, ‘I need some spiritual advice. I don’t know exactly who I am.’

And the Reverend Wright said, (this is on tape) ‘Well we know your Islam background, and you have that. But what you need now is some coaching on Christianity.’

And I asked the Reverend Wright, ‘Did you convert him from being a Muslim to a Christian?’

He said, ‘Well I don’t know if I could go that far but I can tell you that I made it comfortable for him to accept Christianity without having to renounce his Islamic background.’”

Who is Ed Klein? He was Foreign correspondent for United Press International, the Newsweek, foreign editor and then assistant managing editor with jurisdiction over foreign and military affairs, and the New York Times. As editor in chief, he led the Sunday Times to new heights. During his editorship, The New York Times Magazine won the first Pulitzer Prize in its history.

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