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Exposing Hamas – Part 1

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Shahram Hadian’s ministry is The TIL Project (Speaking the “Truth In Love” – www.tilproject.com425.772.8222}. The Bible teaches that we are to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15) about all issues that the Word of God addresses. Our mission is to eradicate political correctness and bring to light critical issues that we are facing, like what is going on in Israel, in Europe, and in America today.

The TIL Project sends out an email newsletter every two to three weeks. You can go to our website to sign up for this newsletter. The latest one covers how the support from the US Government, the media, and within the US for Hamas and the turning against Israel. It will also cover the rise of antisemitism.

We continue to talk about Islam because we are involved in a spiritual battle. Our ministries expose what Islam is and what Islam does to people who fall under its influence.

When Islam takes over it breeds hatred, it breeds violence, it breeds death. Shahram knows because he was born in Iran and comes out of Islam. He left Islam 15 years ago and he has seen what it has done to his birth country, Iran. The government of Iran is promoting hatred against Israel and America. Our goal is to inform all people of the truth and to rescue Muslims from Islam.

If America doesn’t wake up after what you will learn today, I don’t know what it will take to wake her up. We are in deep trouble and we must recognize what is going on in the world today.

Today we are not just going to talk about what is going on in Israel, Gaza, and Europe, we are going to talk about what is going on in America. We are going to talk about the protests and the antisemitism that we see here in America.

If we forget history, if we forget what happened in the 1930’s when Christians were silent the Nazi’s to gain power in Germany and allowed antisemitism to rise up and we saw the consequences of that silence. It resulted in WWII and the Holocaust. How can we let that happen again? It is happening again because of the willing ignorance and the silence of the people in America.

Lets begin by looking at the latest in Israel and Gaza as of this writing. First we must remember what started this latest conflict between Israel and Hamas. It started when Hamas kidnapped and killed three Israeli teenagers. Israel must respond to this kind of action by Hamas. If they don’t they will invite more attacks on Israel. Netanyahu was given little choice since it is his responsibility to protect his people. The response had to be sufficient to teach other nations and groups like Hamas that they can[t do this to Israeli citizens. Let’s remember that Hamas started the fight.

Since this conflict started Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israel with no attempt to avoid civilian casualties. As a matter of fact, they are purposely aimed and civilians. Fortunately most of them are not hitting their marks due to Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense.

We need to thank God for the support that America has given Israel, but we are concerned about the current leadership in this nation. It seems that this administration is weakening in its support for Israel.

Hamas is specifically targeting civilians. In a previous post we showed the Hamas’s UN Ambassador admitting that this is so, and saying that each time they do it, it is a crime against humanity. It is strange that in spite of this the media places most of the blame on Israel.

Israel does more to avoid civilian casualties than any nation in history. They give warnings to the civilians before they bomb an area. This has never been done by any army in the history of the world.

The war strategy of Hamas is to place their rockets and rocket launchers in schools, mosques, and hospitals in order to ensure the maximum civilian casualties. Although we don’t see it in the news, Hamas even threatens the civilians with death if the do leave when Israel warns them of an impending attack. This is even admitted to by ranking UN officials. Hamas wants civilians to die so they can uses them in the propaganda war against Israel.

Israel is trying to destroy the network of tunnels that Hamas uses to get past the borders and to launch attacks against Israeli civilians within Israel. Some of these tunnels are quite sophisticated. The concrete used in these tunnels is concrete they were given to build things like hospitals. Instead it, and other forms of aid, is used to wage ware against Israel. They have found caches of weapons and Israeli uniforms that they uses to attack Israel in these tunnels.

The US Government has been pleading, or rather bullying, with the Israeli Government to have a cease fire, not in favor of Israel, who is our ally, but to favor Hamas, a terrorist organization. The reason that Israel rejected the peace agreement put together by John Kerry was that it was completely pro-Hamas. They wanted Israel to stop fighting without any concessions fro Hamas. It is like someone shooting at your house and the police telling you that those who are attacking will stop shooting if you stop defending your house.

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