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Exposing Hamas – Part 3

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CAIR is very active in America. If you follow Fortress of Faith you know that CAIR is also a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. We have had John Guandolo, a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who served nearly seven years as an active duty Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marine Corps., and a counter terrorism expert on our broadcasts many times . He said. “CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, is Hamas doing business as CAIR.” CAIR and Hamas have the same DNA, they come from the same source, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the founders are from the group in Palestine.

CAIR is masquerading as a civil rights organization. They are well funded by Islamic groups, and they have lots of lawyers lined up to try to overturn our laws in our courts. Their headquarters was in Chicago but now they have moved their headquarters to Washington, DC, two blocks from the White House.

We have never heard an official from CAIR denounce Hamas. Hamas is losing the military battle with Israel, but they are fighting the propaganda war and they are winning it with the help of CAIR. CAIR is very good with propaganda. It has the media wrapped around its finger. They have even fooled conservative news sources who bring CAIR into the debate to be “fair and balanced.” CAIR is neither fair or balanced, it is a terrorist organization used in the cultural jihad to change the opinions of Americans so we will willingly give up our freedoms for the sake of not offending Muslims. They are even successfully turning Christians against Israel.

Let’s look at the protests that are going on at this time. We see them in Europe. In London, England there were 45 thousand protesters, making it the largest pro-Palestinian rally in London’s history. They are painting Israel as the villain.The British news media always leads with the civilian deaths in Gaza. It does pull at your heart. If it doesn’t there is something wrong with your heart. The problem is that they are making Israel out to be the murderers of these children. We must always remember that this conflict was started by Hamas, it is perpetuated by Hamas refusing to honor cease-fires, and the children are dying because they are being used as human shields by Hamas.

Gaza used to be under the control of Israel. When it was, it was a flourishing place, they were growing crops, there was food and water, and commerce was booming. The moment Hamas took control in a land for peace agreement all of the greenhouses and fields were destroyed. They made something that was green into barren land. The put the people of Gaza under oppression. Israel gave a flourishing piece of land to Hamas and Hamas turned it into a barren wasteland used as a launching pad for rockets into Israel. This is how “land for peace” has always worked in this area.

It will always be this way because Hamas is Islam, and this is what Islam does. Islam cannot live in peace with its neighbors. It must convert them to Islam or destroy them. Hamas will only be satisfied when Israel no longer exists.

What is so difficult to understand? Hamas, and true Islam, has stated over and over again that it will not be satisfied until Israel is pushed into the sea. I know that are schools are turning out many graduates who cannot read, but are those who are leading our nation, both politically and in our cultural institutions, among them? Islam has not made any attempt to hide its goals concerning Israel and the West.

We have seen protests in France and England but what concerns me is that the protests are not peaceful. There is supposed to be freedom of religion and freedom of speech. If people want to protest the actions of Israel that is their right. But when they start saying “Heil Hitler” in their rallies and saying that Hitler was right, we have a real problem. In these rallies some are saying that Hitler was right back then to annihilate the Jews. The level of antisemitism in Europe is reaching the same level as it was in the 1930’s.

Why would Hamas praise Hitler and Nazism? It is because the Hamas charter praises Hitler and the things he did. It is following the same tactics. Remember, the Muslims fought on the side of Hitler during WWII. They learned from Hitlers propaganda machine and are using the same principles against the West today.

We are not learning from History. We have not learned how tho propaganda works and we have not learned how the silence of the churches in Europe during the 1930’s allowed all that happened. We are seeing the same thing happening now. There is an old saying that warns us of the danger. It says, “If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.”

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