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Exposing Hamas – Part 4

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It is not just in Europe. CAIR has sponsored similar protests in several major cities in the US. This should open the eyes of those who see CAIR as a moderate, peaceful civil rights group. CAIR is Hamas. If you doubt this listen to the following video:

This is from a rally in Miami organized by CAIR. We are seeing these rallies in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, L.A. and elsewhere.

There was a support for Israel rally in Westwood, near L.A. It was covered by the local media but not by the national media. The rally was described as peaceful until some Palestinians drove up in a truck and began to beat the Israeli supporters with sticks. The police finally caught the vehicle and arrested one of then. He claimed that all he was doing was trying to pick up one of his flags that had fallen on the ground.

Let’s look a little closer at the rally in Miami. This was not just a bunch of people who spontaneously got together to protest. It was a rally sponsored and organized by CAIR Florida. The protesters were wearing Palestinian scarves that say “From the Jordan to the sea belongs to the Palestinians, Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs. It says they want to destroy Israel because from the Jordan to the sea the land belongs to Palestine.

The protesters are shouting “We are Hamas, we are jihad.” They are not saying we support Hamas, they are saying that they are Hamas. This is in America, not in Palestine or some other Islamic state. They were also shouting “remember Kibar.” Kibar was a battle where Muhammad defeated a Jewish tribe and gave the the choice of converting to Islam, paying th Jiza, or dying. They also said “Allah loves those who die in jihad.”

Are we getting the message? They are declaring war against Israel and all who are not Muslims. This is not radical Islam, this is Islam! This is what Islam is all about! This is the meaning of the name!

CAIR is Hamas and yet CAIR is given status here in America as a civil rights organization. They should be declared a terrorist organization and kicked out of our nation.

Praise goes out to Michelle Bachmann for sponsoring a bill that would deem the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. I doubt that it will get anywhere in the Senate, and I would be shocked if this President would sign such a bill, but thank God for those like Michelle Bauchmann who are standing up and telling the truth about these organizations.

Even Egypt, a Muslim state and the birth place of the Muslim Brotherhood, has declared it to be a terrorist organization. The should know what the Muslim Brotherhood is.

We need to understand the Chicago connection. It is reported that tens of thousands of Palestinian supporters went to the streets there. This is where CAIR got started and where its headquarters was until a short time ago.

They are fighting the propaganda war and they are good at it. They are putting the pictures of the dead and wounded children where they can be seen and are blaming Israel for the problem. When you listen to what is said in these rallies you will hear them calling Israel killers and murderers. They say that the Palestinians are the victims. Anyone who says otherwise is call a racist, a bigot, a hate monger, etc. because you are standing against what they say and they will label you with the worst names they can think of.

These rallies could easily riots we see in Europe because they do nothing but spew hate. They are doing their best to stir up the emotions of the protesters to the point of violence. I would go so far as to say that it is demonic in nature.

We can expect the propaganda to have an effect in some parts of our culture and in our government, but to see Christians who know the Bible falling for this is really upsetting.

I understand that Obama and the rest of the lost world are fooled by this propaganda, but what I don’t understand is when Christians are turning their backs, on Israel and their right to the land that God has given them. It greatly angers be to see Christians supporting Hamas, a group that wants to wipe them out along with Israel. How can a Christian support a false and demonic religion like Islam?

This should drive all of us to our knees in prayer. I know that it is hare for many of us to pray for the present President, but this is what the Bible commands us to do. At the same time we should be praying for justice to come. If our leaders will not turn their hearts toward God, that God will remove them.

This same thing goes for our churches. There are many “church” groups that are poisoning the minds of their followers and the are opposing God’s people, Israel, and putting America in grave danger. They are actually putting themselves against God because God’s Word is clear about who this land belongs to. I don’t want to be an enemy of God, and I am sure those of you who read this don’t either.

We should be encouraged in our prayer when we read Proverbs 21:1:

The king’s heart [is] in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.God can change Obama’s heart. Will He? Only if enough American Christians will get on their knees and humbly turn from their sins to Him and ask Him to do this.

Every election I pray that God will not give us what we deserve, but that He will give us what we need. I believe that God is now giving us what we deserve. We are seeing God judgment because of who he has given us as leaders. Islam is getting stringer and we are getting weaker. If we don’t wake up and turn back to God all we love will be lost.

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