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The Bizarre Teachings of Islam – Part 4

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indoctrinationBefore I get into some of the other bizarre things from Islam I want let  you know the the Muslim who was flying the Islamic State flag in New Jersey has voluntarily taken the flag down. As I said yesterday, he has every right to fly the flag, but we also have the right to show our disdain for his doing so. I am glad that the flag was removed without incident.

We may laugh at some of these bizarre things, but we are not trying to mock Islam, In fact, these things make us sad. It is sad that people would accept some of these things as coming from God. What we are trying to do is point out that Islam is a false religion and a false ideology. It is something from which Muslims must be rescued.

This ideology has enslaved one and a half billion people and is now confusing our churches. Some Christians are starting to think that maybe Allah and Jehovah are the same God. Maybe the Bible and the Qur’an have a common word. How can the be common if the Qur’an is scientifically in error?

Our hearts are not to laugh or mock, our hearts are to show how foolish this is and how this foolishness is creating a culture of death.

If Muslims would just read their own scriptures you would think it would cause them to leave Islam. On rare occasion it may do so, but remember they are taught not to question Allah.

Rules for going to the Bathroom

Believe it or not, we are not making this up. Islam does have strict rules for going to the bathroom. The following information is from the Reliance of the Traveller, which is the handbook of Islamic law.

The Reliance of The Traveller is where all of the Islamic scholars came together in the 1400;s brought together all of the teachings of Islam into one source so all Muslims would know how to live. It gets into such details of one’s life as how to go to the bathroom.

Here are some of the things it teaches on this subject:

1. You must enter the bathroom with your left foot.

2. When you leave you must walk out with your right foot.

3. Before entering you are to say “In the name of Allah. O Allah, I take refuge in You from demons, male and female,”

4. After leaving you must say “[O Lord,] Your forgiveness: Praise be to Allah who rid me of the hurt and gave me health”

5. You must put most of your weight on the left foot while squatting.

6. You are not to spend a long time.

7. You are to speak.

8. If the toilet faces so that you back is toward Mecca you must sit on it sideways so your rear does not face the Holy City.

9. Not to urinate into holes, on hard places, where there is wind, in waterways, where people gather to talk, on paths, under fruit trees, near graves, in still water, or in less than 216 liters of running water.

There are many more and if you want to read them click here.

This is what Man’s religion will do. The Jews in New Testament times were guilty of doing the same thing. They took the law of God and added man’s rules to it.

Muhammad’s mole on his back/shoulder –proof that he is God’s prophet.

The Qur’an says in Surah 33:40 that there was a mark on Muhammad to prove that he was Allah’s prophet. This also come from the Hadith; Bukhari 1.189; 4.741; Muslim 4.5790-5793.

Men who slept in a cave for 300 – 309 years.

This is found in Surah 18:9-25. It says that some men and a dog entered into a gave and slept for some 300 to 309 years.

Man who was dead for 100 years and was resurrected.

Surah 2:259. In the Bible Lazarus died as was resurrected after four days. Maybe the Qur’an was trying to get one up on the Bible.

As I said before, we are not trying to mock Islam or Muslims. We are just trying to show that this is a false religion. This religion is evil and destructive. It is a religion of death, not only for those outside of Islam, but also for Muslims themselves. Those who are caught in its tentacles need to be rescued. It is our hope that those who follow our ministries will have the compassion and concern to learn how to bring Muslims to Christ.

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