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Cultural Jihad – The Stealth Jihad against America – Part 1

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CulturalJihadOver the next four days we are going to be looking at the “cultural jihad. This is where Muslims move into a non-Muslim country and work to slowly change the culture and break it down with the goal of replacing it with a Muslim culture. This has been done in Europe with great success and now they are attempting to do it here in North America.

Before I get into the subject I want to mention something that we will be doing over the next month. Our website has been hacked for the second time. It doesn’t seem that any viruses are being passed on to others, but there are a number of unwanted pop-ups that some of you are seeing. Over the next month we will be doing some major changes on the website to correct this and to improve it in some other ways. Please bear with us as we work on this update.

Now let’s look at Islam’s struggle (jihad) against anything that is outside of Islam. In particular I want us to look at Islam’s cultural jihad against the west. We will look at how Islam has already made great strides in the UK and how it is trying to do the same in America.
Islam considers everything outside of Islam to be evil. This means that jihad against the west is, in the mind of Muslims, a struggle against evil.

Shahram, my co-host on our Saturday broadcast, was born in Iran and came to America in 1979. He was raised a Muslim and became a Christian 15 years ago. He has watched what has happened in his country of birth. He knows what happens when Islam and Shariah law take over in a nation. Shariah law is the law that all good Muslims must follow because it is the law of their god, Allah.

In Iran Shariah was accomplished through a revolution. In Europe it is happening through cultural jihad. This means that they influence the government, the courts, the business community, the media, the schools, and the churches by bringing about a cultural change. As a result we see Christianity shrinking and dying where ever this is accomplished.

We will be looking at the courts, the political system, immigration, population and how Islam uses these in their cultural jihad against the West.

The word Jihad means to struggle against an enemy. Remember, in Islam there is the “House of Islam” and the “House of War.” everyone in the House of War is an enemy of Islam and must be converted or destroyed.

I want to start by looking at Europe because we can look at Europe and see what Islam has done. Hopefully we can learn what not to do.
I am deeply concerned about where Europe is. We must ask if Europe can turn this around. Is it possible to undo what has been done.

Then we must look at America and ask if we can stop what has begun here. The cultural jihad is advancing more rapidly in America than it did in Europe. This is in part because we have a president that is a Muslim. We have shown this in other articles.

I lived in the UK for many years, both as a missionary kid and a missionary, and I watched as Islam, through cultural jihad, successfully got Shariah law courts established in that country. I heard for years that Shariah law courts would open in the UK and I dismissed it because I couldn’t believe it could happen.
I remember the day it came to pass. On September 14, 2008 it was announced in the papers that Shariah law courts were opening in the UK with the government’s backing. The decisions of the imams in these courts will be enforced by the British government. We have written articles in the past on these courts in the UK.

Just so you understand this, the government in the UK has allowed Muslims to live by a different law that British citizens. The British citizens are not subject to Shariah law, but the Muslims, in non-criminal matters, are not subject ot British law. There are now two legal systems in the UK, one expecially for Muslims, and one for the rest of the people.

We must ask how the Muslims got this to pass. Cultural jihad is the slow wearing down of the culture until all real resistance to their system is gone.

Islamic law and British (or US) law cannot exist side by side. Eventually one will have to dominate the other. In the minds of Muslims, Shariah law is superior and they will not recognize the British law. The understanding was the only Muslims would be subject to these Shariah law courts. It hasn’t stayed that way. Muslims are not forcing non-Muslims to be subject to Shariah law. It starts with small things that no one thinks really matter. Then they push for more and more until their system dominates.

The way they get us to accept these things is by saying that if we don’t give them some of what they want, they won’t be able to control the radicals. This comes at the hands of the “moderate” Muslims. Need I remind you again, there are moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as moderate Islam!

This is not just happening in the UK. Turkey was a secular Muslim state for many years after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. It is now turning into a fully functioning Islamic country.

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