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Cultural Jihad – The Stealth Jihad against America – Part 3

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Today we will continue our study on the cultural jihad. We will look at what is happing in Europe and how it has already started here in North America.

In Europe Muslim political groups are forcing Halal meet upon the people. The want all of the meat served in all of the schools and in all government places. They don’t want us to have a choice.

Here is a challenge for you who read this, Next time you go into a COSTCO go to the manager and tell him you are tired of not having a choice when you buy lamb. Tell him you don’t want to have to buy Halal meat that has been sacrificed to Allah. Maybe, if we let our dollars do the talking, we can change some things. After all, more non-Muslims than Muslims shop in COSTCO. If we don’t do something now, we are headed where Europe is today.

I want us to look at Belgium for a moment. This may be the European nation that is in the worst shape. The major cities in Belgium have a Muslim population of about 25%. The average birthrate among Europeans is 1.3 to 1.4. If you know anything about demographics, you know that with a birthrate like this the culture will die out. The average birthrate among Muslims in Europe is about 8. Part of the reason for this is that Islamic law allows men to have four wives, and with four wives you can have more children.

For the past four years running the number on name for new born boys is Muhammad. 40% of the children in schools in Belgium are Muslims. Muslims are now looking at 2030, only 16 years from now, as the year that Belgium will have a population that is majority Muslim.

Islam is taking over Europe, not by bombs and suicide bombers, but by cultural jihad and by getting their people elected to positions of power. On our broadcast we played a clip of a Muslim imam in Belgium saying that they would have a majority in Belgium by 2030 and that they would the instill Shariah law. You can view the whole video here.

This video tells us all we need to know. They plan on using cultural jihad to take over Belgium, the rest of Europe, and eventually America. In the video the imam says the the only possible way for them to be stopped is if Europeans have four wives and lots of children.

In America our birthrate is about the same as in Europe. I think the Duggar’s have the answer. I am not saying that we should all have 19 children, but if we don’t out grow the Muslims they will take over.

Let’s go back to the UK. According to the Daily Mail, July 28:2011, Muslims are setting up “Shariah law controlled zones” in British cities. Since the setting up of the Shariah Law Courts in the UK, the Muslims have been emboldened. These Shariah law controlled zones are nothing new in Europe. In France there are more than 700 zones that are called “no go zones” where even the police are afraid to go. French government officials are not welcomed and the Muslims rule them under Shariah law.

Notices are being placed around Britain informing people that they are entering into a SHARIAH CONTROLLED ZONE. Islamic Rules Enforced: No Alcohol – No Gambling – No Music of Concerts – No Prostitution – No Drugs or Smoking. In these areas Islamic law is being enforced on the non-Muslims who live there.

I have interviewed Paul Diamond, who is a well known barrister (lawyer). One of the cases we worked on was a church that is in one of the Shariah controlled zones. The method the Muslims used was that one of the neighbors complained to the local council that the awful noise that would come from the church at 10:30am on Sunday’s…. the singing of Christian hymns in a British Church. They were given a Cease and Desist notice and told they could not sing their hymns anymore. The church took this to a British court. There were three judges on the panel, two of whom were Muslims, and they closed the church. Fortunately it was reversed by an appellate court.

Missionaries, Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham, were told by Police to stop evangelizing because they were in Shariah controlled Zone. The missionaries had been evangelizing in that same place for years but the police told them the could not do it any more. The policeman was not a Muslim, but he was enforcing Shariah law.

In Europe they have defamation laws and secularization laws that are designed to favor Islam. Thank God this church fought and won but there are many more who have not fought and just moved somewhere else. This is coming to America unless we wake up.

There is another case in Great Britain where a little girl in a daycare center brought a sandwich which didn’t have Halal meat. Since it was not Halal the daycare center did not give it to here for lunch. When the mother picked her up she said she was hungery and when the mother asked why, the girl said they wouldn’t give her the sandwich. When the mother asked the daycare workers why the said that they could not certify that it was Halal meat so they didn’t give it to here because there was a Muslim child in the center. This is getting insane.

In England they have Halal meats in the schools because they don’t want to offend the sensitivities of the Muslims. This is the cultural jihad. They play the game like they are the victim and you’re a racist, you’re a hate monger, you’re an islamophobe, if you won’t allow me to practice my religion by eating Halal meat.

Although it has not yet reached our schools in America, it is in our prisons. They are forcing non-Muslims to eat Halal meat because it is not possible to serve both. We are losing our country inch by inch, step by step, and if we don’t put our foot down we will end up like Britain with Shariah law courts and Shariah law being enforced by our legal system.

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