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Cultural Jihad – The Stealth Jihad against America – Part 4

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CulturalJihadToday we are going to finish this series on cultural jihad. Some think that the reason for the jihad we  see in Middle East and throughout the world is that America has offended Muslims. As we often say here at Fortress of Faith, there are moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as moderate Islam. Islam, because of the teachings of the Qur’an and because of the example of their Prophet Muhammad, must destroy everything that is outside of Islam.

Headlines From Britain

Woman from British Airways was suspended from work for wearing a Cross because it might offend Muslims but a Muslim woman can wear here hijab no matter who it may offend.

A nurse was suspended because she prayed with a patient.

Church school renames Three Little Pigs to avoid offending Muslims

Man fired for offering a bacon sandwich to a Muslim co-worker.

In Nottingham, for example, the Greenwood Primary School cancelled a Christmas nativity play because it interfered with the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. (Daily Mail)

In Scarborough, the Yorkshire Coast College removed the words Christmas and Easter from their calendar not to offend Muslims. (Local Newspaper)

In Scotland, the Tayside Police Department apologized for featuring a German shepherd puppy as part of a campaign to publicize its new non-emergency telephone number. The postcards are potentially offensive to the city’s 3,000-strong Muslim community: Islamic legal tradition says that dogs are impure. (The Scotsman)

In Cheshire, two students at the Alsager High School were punished by their teacher for refusing to pray to Allah as part of their religious education class. (Daily Mail)

Also in Cheshire, a 14-year-old Roman Catholic girl who attends Ellesmere Port Catholic High School was branded a truant by teachers for refusing to dress like a Muslim and visit a mosque.[5] (Telegraph)

In Liverpool, a Christian couple was forced to sell their hotel after a female Muslim guest accused them of insulting her during a debate about Islam. (Daily Mail)

In East London, all elected members of Tower Hamlets town council were told not to eat during daylight hours in town hall meetings during the Muslim month of Ramadan. Special arrangements were also made to disrupt council meetings to allow for Muslim prayer. Meanwhile, the council renamed a staff Christmas party as a “festive meal.” (Telegraph)

(Note: Shahram has a couple in his church that work for the Department of Social Health Services in Washington State and they were that during the month of Ramadan, if they have Muslim clients come in to try to get welfare they should be considerate and never eat any food in front of them.)

Elsewhere in Britain, a foster mother has been struck off the social services register for allowing a Muslim girl in her care to convert to Christianity. Officials insist the woman, who has looked after more than 80 children in the past ten years, failed in her duty to preserve the girl’s religion and should have tried to stop the baptism. They ruled that the girl, now 17, should stay away from church for six months. (Daily Mail)

In some British prisons, radical Muslim gangs are imposing Sharia law on non-Muslim inmates, who have been forced to stop playing Western music, take down pictures of women from their cells and stop eating sausage. The gangs are also targeting non-Muslim inmates for forced conversions to Islam.[9] (Telegraph)

In Leeds, more than 200 Muslim inmates at a high security prison are set to launch a multi-million pound claim for compensation after they were offered ham sandwiches during the month of Ramadan. They say their human rights were breached when they were offered the meat, which is forbidden by Islam.

At the same time, Muslim sex offenders in British prisons are asking to be exempt from a prison treatment program because the idea that “criminals should not have to talk about their offenses” is a “legitimate Islamic position.” (Daily Mail)

In Glasgow, a Christian radio show host was fired after a debate between a Muslim and a Christian on whether Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life.” (London Telegraph)

Why Is This Happening?

This is the result of multiculturalism that tells us that all cultures are equal, there is no right and wrong, no one is better than another, etc. This is the ideology that secularism is forcing on us in America. This is not a true premise. The Muslims, although they don’t agree with it, are using this false premise and the environment it produces to advance their cause.

We will lose our country if we don’t stand up against this. We must remember that there is a right way and a wrong way to take a stand. We don’t need to be belligerent, mean, and ugly about it. We just need to firmly stand our ground and this is America, this is our culture. It is not wrong for us to eat during Ramadan or any of the other things Muslims are trying to eliminate from our culture.

We have mentioned before that Muslims consider that Europe already belongs to them. They consider it Dar al Islam, the house of Islam. This is why they are no longer hiding the fact that they want to implement Shariah law. They are not hiding the fact that they want to force non-Muslims to submit to Islamic law.

In America Islam has not advanced to the point it has in Europe. This is why groups like CAIR go around saying, no, we don’t want to impose Shariah law in America, we just want to be protected under the First Amendment.

We need to be more educated on the subject and realize that this is the tactic Islam uses when it does not have the power to force its ideology on the culture where it lives. America is still considered the House of War or the House of the Infidel, and because of that Muslims are not only permitted to lie for the advancement of Islam, they are commanded to do so.

Some of you will say that we don’t see this happening in America. Ass we have already mentioned, we know of at least 50 cases where Shariah law has been applied in court cases. This establishes a precedent and can be used in other cases as the basis for court rulings.

We know that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest Muslim body in the United Nations, already got Hillary Clinton to bring these anti-defamation policies into the State Department and other government departments. We know that our law enforcement was pressured by groups like CAIR to purge documents that say anything about jihad, Islamic terrorism, Islamic extremism, or anything about Islamic ideology from our national security apparatus. This material teaches that Muslims are peaceful and that Muhammad liberated women and a lot of other untrue nonsense.

Last, but not least politically, we see Muslim Brotherhood organizations set up their headquarters within blocks of the White House and we see Muslim Brotherhood members, who are all pro-Shariah, visiting our President and being with his top advisors.

As if this wasn’t enough we see a new attitude in churches that says we should not say anything derogatory about Islam as we try to reach Muslims. Many “Christians” are saying the Muslims believe in the same God as Christians. Muslims know that if they are going to win this nation they must get to the churches.

The freedoms and principles that made this nation great did not come from politicians. They came from the pulpits of America. If we are ever going to turn this nation back to greatness it will have to start in the pulpits. This is not a political battle, it is a spiritual battle. If the true Christians of America don’t stand up and fight this battle we will lose this country to Islam!

I don’t know if Europe can, or will turn back to God and way from Islam, but in America we still have at least the numbers to do so. More than seventy percent of Americans claim to be Christians and say that Jesus is their Saviour. If Christians would do their job of being salt and light and stand up against evil when it comes into their communities we can overcome this. If they won’t I believe the cause is already lost.

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