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America’s First War On Foreign Soil – Part 3

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USS-Enterprise-barbary-warToday we have two Muslims serving in Congress. One is Keith Ellison from Minnesota and the other is Andre Carson from Indiana. Keith Ellison was the first congressman to be sworn into office on anything other than the Holy Bible. He put his hand on the Qur’an and swore to uphold the laws of our nation.

Those of you who follow our ministry understand the concept of taquia within Islam. Taquia permits a Muslim to lie. In this case we allowed Keith Ellison, who is openly a Muslim, to swear on the Qur’an, which then means that his allegiance is not to our Constitution, but to the Qur’an. The Qur’an says that Islamic law, Shariah law, must be superior to every other law and everyone must submit to it. This man’s swearing in, in my opinion, was invalid because he either falsely swore to uphold our laws, or falsely swore on a book that says its law is superior to our law.

It has been the precedent on our nation that all officials at the federal, state, and local level are sworn into office on the Bible. This is the first man in the history of our nation not to do this.

I learned something that startled me from Dr. Harding’s DVD on the Barbary Pirate War. I learned that Keith Ellison was not our first Muslim congressman. The first Muslim congressman was john Randolph and he was elected in the 1700’s. They refereed to themselves in those days as Muhammadans. This man was approached by the District Attorney of Washington DC at the time. This man led John Randolph to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is also known for penning the words of our National Anthem. His name was Francis Scott Key. With his own money he actually translated the Bible into Arabic so that the Arabs coming to the United States could come to a knowledge of the truth.

Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an

I would like to revisit what Keith Ellison said about the Qur’an of Thomas Jefferson being evidence of the Qur’an being integral to the fabric of our nation. Remember that in 1784 Congress dispatched three diplomats to negotiate with the Muslim nations attacking our ships, and one of them was Thomas Jefferson. After two years of talking with various people, they began to feel free to talk candidly with them. This is in Thomas Jefferson’s documents. He said we have done nothing to provoke you, we have done nothing to you, we certainly have never attacked you in any way, so he asked this Muslim why are you attacking us? Here is what Thomas Jefferson wrote as the man’s answer, “The ambassador answered us, it was founded on the laws of their Prophet Muhammad and that was written in their Qur’an that all nations that do not acknowledge their authority were sinners and it was their right and their duty to make war on them wherever they could be found and make slaves of all they could take prisoners and that every Muslim that should be slain in battle was sure to go to paradise.”

In essence, what he said was that they had no choice because heir religion commanded them to be a war with us. One of the ambassadors asked if they would consider some money in exchange for some of these American slaves. The answer was no, I want to grow my American slave numbers.

These were things that Tomas Jefferson learned that helped him understand the Muslim culture and the ideology that drives them.

In America today we are facing a foe that is very good at propaganda. They have managed to influence the reporting in our media, they are rewriting the history in our school textbooks, etc. The history we are talking about has either been whitewashed or erased from the knowledge of most Americans.

I want you to read a recent quote from President Obama.

Eid (a part of Ramadan) reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.

In the light of what we are learning from Dr. Harding today, this statement is not only factually wrong, not only deceiving, but it is pure propaganda. There are those who accuse those of us who bring these truths to light of being islamophoes. This nation was a Christian nation and all of those who deny this are just not looking at the historical facts. The Christian principles upon which this nation was founded allowed religious tolerance, but once Thomas Jefferson and the other ambassadors saw what Islam was

Thomas Jefferson got a Qur’an and read it to better understand what we were dealing with.

The Muslim ambassador that told Jefferson that they must do what they were dong is consistent with Islam. Actually, it is Islam. This knowledge led Jefferson to understand that the only way to overcome the problem of the Barbary Pirates was to defeat them. There can be no peace with Islam.

The only peace understood by is Islam is the peace that comes from submission to Islam. The Marines still have the words “from the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli” in their anthem. Tripoli is a reference to the Barbary Pirates war. The curve sword warn by Marine officers is the sword given them for having taken the violence out of the Barbary Pirates. These pirates were not operating independently, they were sanctioned by the Islamic nations surrounding the Mediterranean.

Again, anyone that says that Muslims had an integral role in the fabric of America doesn’t know their history or a purposely ignoring history for an agenda. Those who are paying attention know the intentions of Islam for our country.

The Twenty Year Plan

Islam has a twenty year plan to overthrow America. The first part of the plan is to destroy freedom of speech by getting hate crime laws passed.

Dr. Harding has gone to “meet Islam” rallies and stood up and quoted the Qur’an. He was told to sit down and that what he was saying was disinformation. Others at the meetings who had recently come from Muslim nations stood up and confirmed what he as saying to be true. One es-Muslim said that when he converted to Christianity recounted that his father told him that he must leave his nation or his father would have to do an “honor killing.”

Americans need to know these things. We cant afford to be naive. There is a very real threat upon our nation and the blood bought liberty that we have.

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