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Islam And Freedom Of Speech – A Real Story

IslamAndFreedomOfSpeechI am at a meeting with Act For America this week and I bumped into Elizabeth Wolf. I mentioned her on last Tuesday on our Broadcast and our blog in our discussion about Islam’s attempt to stop freedom of speech through the UN Resolution 16/18. European countries are already implementing this resolution and freedom of speech is being lost.

Elizabeth lives in Austria and has experienced the suppression of free speech first hand. I would like to share her story with you today.

Five years ago she gave a seminar for a political party. Some would call it a right wing extremist political party but it is a libertarian party in favor of the rule of law and is an anti-jihad party. At the seminar she spoke factually about the teachings of Muhammad and the Qur’an.

A left wing journalist recorded the seminar and took the transcript to the police authorities. A a result she was forced to defend herself in court. The initial charge was hate speech. The tapes were played in court and the judge realized that she could not be convicted on this charge so, on her on discretion, the judge added the charge of denigrating a legally recognized religion in Austria.

Elizabeth has been made an example, not just in Europe, but here in America also. Her story needs to be told because Islam is trying to shut down any speech that speaks against it, even that which is factual.

She was found guilty because she asked if Muhammad’s marrying a six year old and consummating the marriage when she was nine was pedophilia. It was a question, not a statement of fact. The court didn’t care about that and found her guilty anyway.

She appealed the conviction and the court of appeals upheld the conviction and said that you are allowed to say that Muhammad had sex with a nine year old but you can’t call it pedophilia. I was fined 480 Euros. She took it to the Supreme Court and she lost that appeal in December of last year.

She has appealed to the Supra-National court, the EU court for human rights. She, and her lawyer, are happy with the outcome so far because they don’t want this left to the local Austrian court system. They want a decision for all Europeans. There is a better chance of winning on the European level than on the Austrian level.

Elizabeth’s case will be a landmark case for all of Europe. If she loses it will give Islam a stronger hand in Europe as they try to stop free speech.

Although the Muslim population numbers in Europe are growing, their influence is growing beyond what these numbers would justify. It is because non-Muslims are submitting out of fear.

Her case is not the only one. Her friend Paul Weston who, when running or a seat in the European Parliament, quoted from Winston Churchill’s book “The River Wars” speaking about Islam. He was arrested but the charges were later dropped. This was, never the less, a warning not to speak ill against Islam because you will be arrested. Most people will not speak the truth because they don’t want the hassle.

Here we have a British politician quoting from one of England’s most popular Prime Ministers. At the time Churchill’s book was written Muslims were referred to as Muhammadans. Churchill got it right. Weston got arrested for simply reading publicly what Churchill said in his book.

Elizabeth is here in Washington DC with another concern on her heart. It deals with antisemitism. We need to remember that Austria was caught up in the Nazi regime. Many Jews were removed from their homes, there wealth was taken from them and they were sent to concentration camps where many of them perished.

Antisemitism is on the rise in Europe, including in Austria. After WWII the cry was “never again.” It is happening again right before our eyes.

Many Jews are fleeing from some European countries like Sweden and France. Jews are being harassed for wearing a kippah or for flying the Israeli flag. One lady in the Netherlands was beaten for displaying an Israeli flag. This is not the 1930’s, this is 2014. She was told that it would be wiser not to fly the flag and she said that if she did not fly it she would lose her freedom of speech.

Elizabeth has been told the same thing. She says that if she loses her freedom of speech, everyone will lose theirs also. Fortunately there are some who are willing to suffer to guarantee the rights of those who won’t.

Those of you who follow Fortress of Faith are familiar with the FBI hate crime statistics. The Muslims would have us believe that they are the greatest victims of hate crimes. The statistics show that Christians are victims of hate crimes more often than Muslims, and the religious group that is the target for hate crimes is Judaism. The Jews are the victims of hate crimes 700% more than any other religious group in America.

In Austria the Muslim community says they need a watchtower for islamophobic crimes. There are essentially no islamophobic crimes in Austria.

We don’t need new laws, we simply need to enforce the existing laws. The problem is that we are not. This present administration chooses which laws to enforce, and which laws to ignore.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I am at an Act For America meeting in Washington DC. I have gotten a lot of interesting information and I will be sharing it with you next week so be sure to check back.

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