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The Myth Of Islamophobia – Part 1

Hasan RowhaniA Rational Fear of Islam

Today we will be looking at islamophobia. We are calling this The Myth of Islamophobia because Muslims in America are living in a fantasy world if they believe that Muslims are suffering persecution because of their faith. We will see that the facts to not support this.

We live in a day when, if you stand for something and there is another party who disagrees with you, they will label you with ugly terms. There are certain labels that we all run from and one of these labels is Islamophobia. Muslims love labeling anyone who opposes them as an islamophobe because no one wants to be called islamophobic.

Let’s start by looking at how Muslims feel. Shahram grew up in Iran and left there in 1978. This was before Iran became an Islamic state. He knows what it is like to live under a stereotype. During the time of the hostage crisis in Iran there were other children who would not play with him and called him a terrorist because they put all Iranians into that category. They did this because President Carter did it.

During this crisis Carter revoked all the visas of Iranians who did not have citizenship or permanent residence status. Shahram’s mother was returning from a visit in Iran and got stuck in Europe because of this. She had gone to Iran to finish the work necessary to get her retirement and was on the way back to the US. Her visa was revoked by an executive order from Carter that blanketed every Iranian. This was an irrational decision because many Iranians opposed what was happening in Iran.

Because of these things Shahram understands what Muslims feel when someone says all Muslims are terrorists. This is a ridiculous statement because many Muslims, perhaps as many as 50% of them, especially in the US, are agnostic and maybe even atheistic Muslims. Agnostic Muslims have a very lukewarm belief in the ideology of Islam. Most of them have never even read the Qur’an or other Muslim scriptures and they don’t even understand the teachings of Islam.

The Question is, should there be a healthy fear of Islam, and particularly of political Islam? Political Islam wants to take over every nation on the earth.

A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Having a rational fear of Islam’s desire for a world-wide caliphate is not a phobia.

It is important for us to understand that when someone accuses another of having a phobia, there is an implication of mental illness. An irrational fear is a fear that makes no sense. Tom has a phobia concerning heights. He has no fear of flying, but he does have great fear of going over high bridges. It is irrational to think that a bridge will collapse just because he is on it.

If you say anything negative about Islam you will have this label placed upon you. Last week we talked about UN Resolution 16/18 which makes it a criminal offense to blaspheme or say anything negative about the religion of Islam. We saw how they are trying to implement this into our laws in America. This would be a violation of the First Amendment.

We already see laws against our living out our faith. If I oppose gay marriage, and I don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding because it is offensive to me, they tell me I must bake it simply because the gay people asked me to. They are prosecuting people for this and it is a violation of our freedom of speech and religion.

Another label that is placed on those who oppose Islam is that of a racist. Stop and think about that for a moment. Islam is not a race and all Muslims are not of the same race. Only about 15% of the Muslims in the world are Arabs. Even though Islam began in Arabia, and Arabic is the official language of the religion, the vast majority of Muslims are not Arabs. In light of this, how can one be called a racist just for opposing Islam?

When Shahram ran for governor of Washington State he was labeled the “Islamophobic candidate.” This was done because he was speaking out about the dangers of Islamic law being implemented. He also spoke on the fact that Islam is not a peaceful religion.

Under Islam there is a death penalty for converting to another religion. In America we are supposed to be free to do so if we so choose. Shahram has received death threats from supposedly moderate Muslims because of his conversion. Would you call this a peaceful religion?

If Shahram was in his birth country of Iran, he would be, at best, in prison, and more likely would have been put to death for his change of religion. Is having a fear of Islam for this reason rational or irrational? I maintain that there are rational reasons to fear Islam.

The Coalition

We will talk more about this tomorrow but before I close today I want to talk about the coalition that the US is trying to build to fight ISIS. It seems that President Obama is having trouble building a coalition. I Hear that David Cameron is starting to pull out and very few other nations are saying they will join the fight. There are many that say they support the morality of this, but who is going to put boots on the ground when America is not going to do so?

If Obama does put boots on the ground he will have to admit that he made a mistake when he pulled the troops out of Iraq. He has already had to put some troops on the ground, but he is not calling them advisory sources and so on.

John Kerry said we must have Egypt in this, they are key to it. I say fat chance that that is going to happen. Egypt will not lift a finger unless they are well recompensed with lots of money because America has thrown them under the bus. Obama is upset with Egypt because they threw out Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is not likely that we will get much help. Why should others join us if we are not committed to doing what it takes to complete the task? Obama has said more about what he is not willing to do than he has about what he is willing to do.

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