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The Myth Of Islamophobia – Part 2

Hasan RowhaniThe Muslim Brotherhood and Its Agenda

The word “Islamophobia” originates with the Muslim Brotherhood. It is one of their front groups, CAIR, that is propagating this term in America. In 2010 CAIR published a report on Islamophobia, how it is growing, and how horrible it is. We will refute this report later.

The Brotherhood came in to the US in the late 1950’s and 1960’s and set up shop. The first organizations they set up were the Muslim Student Associations (MSA).

We have talked about their memorandum with their stated goal of trying to destroy Western Civilization “using their (our) own miserable hand.” This means they want to use our own laws and political correctness. They want to limit our freedom of speech through fear and intimidation.

The use of the word “Islamophobia” is designed to intimidate anyone who would dare speak out against Islam. It is used to describe those who speak the truth about Islam as having an irradiation fear, and even a mental illness.

It is groups like CAIR that are actually causing the fear. Remember, CAIR is an un-indicted co-conspirator in funneling of money to the terrorist organization, Hamas. They say that anyone who points this out is guilty of creating Islamophobia.

Shahram has debated the director of CAIR in Washington State and not one time has he refuted any of the facts. All they want to do is throw out the “Islamophobia” label and intimidate their opponents.

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

One of the public relations people for CAIR is an openly lesbian. I want to digress for a moment here. Isn’t it interesting that we don’t hear any condemnation of homosexuality from the Muslim population in America. They don’t condemn the feminist movement. What makes this interesting is that these are diametrically opposed to the teachings of the faith of Islam.

Why is it that they don’t speak out against these groups? We know that the Muslims want to procreate in order to increase their influence in the West. We also know that those in the feminist movement are more likely to be interested in their creeres and less likely to have children. Homosexuals, due to their very nature, are less likely to have children. I believe the reason we don’t hear the Muslim community condemn these groups is because it makes it easier for Muslim population growth to out distance the non-Muslim population growth in America. Once the Muslim population overtakes the non-Muslim population they will turn against these groups.

This woman who is now defending CAIR will, one day be a victim of CAIR. Shahram actually approached this woman and told her that when Islam gets the upper hand they will turn on her because her lifestyles is an offense to Islam. Of course she did not listen.

Another thing about the feminist movement is that it heavily supports abortion. This also limits non-Muslim population growth. While we are busy with keeping families small and aborting our babies the Muslims are growing their population so they can reach a point of influence where they can get their agenda passed like they have done in Europe.

For the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR to succeed the truth must be suppressed. The easy solution for them is to intimidate us by calling us names. The facts are irrefutable and since they can’t refute them they have no choice but to use this type of intimidation.

One of the debate principles I learned in debate class was not to attack the person, but to attack the issue. When someone doesn’t have a good argument they will try to cloud the issue by attacking the person.

CAIR’s Claims

CAIR claims that Muslims are heavily persecuted in America and many hate crimes are committed against them. What are the facts? The FBI keeps track of the religiously motivated hate crimes. We should look at the reports and see if they support the claims of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Before we do let’s look at the fantasy of CAIR on this subject. They tell us that on a scale of 1 to 10, Islamophobia in America is at 6.4. They call this a crisis point. They attempt to document cases where Muslims were mistreated in America.

It is true that there have been cases where Muslims have been persecuted for their faith in America. When we look at the fact see will see that it is nowhere near the level CAIR wants us to believe.

CAIR lists some non-Muslims who support their statements. I must point out that everyone they list is an outright liberal. They are those like John Stuart, Steven Colbert, etc. They also have Keith Ellison who is a member of Congress at this time.

Why do these people support Islam? Again, I have a theory. The think that Islam is a formidable enemy of Christianity and they believe that if Christianity is defeated in America the liberal agenda will be fulfilled. One thing I can say for sure, the liberals will lose if they think Muslims are their friends.

We must understand that the liberal agenda is ultimately about hating the true God. On this issue liberals and Muslims are on the same page.

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