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The Myth Of Islamophobia – Part 3

Hasan Rowhani

Before I get started I would like to tell you about something that is very disturbing. A school in Washington DC has given sixth grade students an assignment requiring them to write a report comparing George W. Bush with Adolph Hitler. This takes the indoctrination of our students to a new level. I know it wouldn’t be politically correct, but if they want the children to compare someone with Hitler I would suggest they compare him to Muhammad. There are many similarities between them and between Nazism and Islam.

Let’s Look At The Facts

CAIR’s report on Islamophobia I mention earlier lists who the say are the greatest Islamophobes in America. Pamela Geller with Stop Islamization of America, is at the top. Then Robert Spencer with Jihad Watch. Next comes Brigitte Gabriel with Act For America. Then comes Frank Gaffney with the Center for Security Policy. The next on the list is Steve Emerson and so forth.

Not only does CAIR denigrate all who would speak against Islam, they organize pro-terrorist and anti-Israel rallies and other events. They brought together Palestinians in America to protest the recent Israel/Hamas conflict. At these rallies the Palestinians were shouting “we are Hamas, we are jihad.”

The FBI Hate Crime Report

The Federal Government defines a hate crime as a criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by the offenders bias against race, religion, disability, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. A hate crime that is religiously motivated means that it is based upon religion.

The FBI found that there have been religiously motivated crimes against Muslims. We know that this is true and we vigorously condemn such crimes no matter who commits them or who they are committed against. It is wrong and should not happen.

Hate crimes against Christians and Muslims are around 5% to 6% of the total hate crimes. This means that on average, over a 5 year period, there were 129 incidences against Muslims and 109 against Christians. We haven’t yet mentioned the Jews. You may be shocked to find out that the religiously motivated hate crimes against Jews is 874. This means that of these religiously motivated hate crimes, those against Jews were 79%.

If there is a hate crime problem in America, it is not against Muslims. It is growing against Christians because our government is persecuting Christians in businesses, bakeries, florists, and pastors because we don’t want to violate our consciences. What we should be talking about is the epidemic of hate crimes against Jews.

CAIR and similar Muslim organizations want us to believe that there is a major problem with persecutions of Muslims in America but the FBI report refutes the whole notion of Islamophobia.

In the year 2000, before 9/11, only 28 Muslims were victims of hate crimes. In 2001,after the 9/11 attack by Muslims, there were 481 incidences. That is quite an increase and I think we can understand why this happened. This happened because people were uninformed. If you follow Fortress of Faith you know that only a small portion of Muslims are militant. Many of the Muslims in America have come here to get away from the tyranny of Islam. They are still misguided but they stay in Islam because of fear. If you leave Islam you are supposed to be killed.

Now lets look at the year 2002. In 2002 the number dropped to 155 so it is not a trend. There was a backlash in 2001, but it fell back the following year. It has been consistently below the 200 mark since then.

If we are going to be concerned about religiously motivated hate crimes, we should be concerned about hate crimes against the Jews because the hate crimes against Muslims is around 10% while the hate crimes against Jews is around 70%.

When you add to this that Islam is inherently antisemitic we should be expecting the hate crimes against Jews to increase as the Muslim population increases. Islamic teaching says that when their messiah returns he will kill the Jews. It is also the example set by their Prophet, Muhammad.

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