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Is ISIS The Real Face Of Islam? – Part 2

JournalistBeheadLet’s look at the origin and the history of ISIS. The Islamic State, which became ISIS, ISIL or simply IS, began in the 1990’s. The original name was Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad. You can see by the name that this group was focused on jihad. In 1999 it changed its name to Islamic State so it is not a new group.

This group is trying to re-institute the caliphate. The caliphate is an Islamic government across the world. It includes every nation under Islamic law. The changed their name because they now control an area of land and say they have established a caliphate.

Many may not know that the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was actually held by our forces in Iraq. When we left Iraq, by the order of our current President, he was released. When we left him in the hands of the Iraqis he said, “I’ll see you guys in New York.” He was released and now he is heading up the Islamic State.

ISIS is not the richest jihadist organization in the world. It is estimated that they have over two billion dollars in assets. They also have many of the weapons, including armored vehicles, that they captured from the Iraqi army. Remember, these were the rebels that the President was talking about supporting in Syria. We armed them and now they are using the weapons we gave them to build the caliphate.

The most frightening thing about ISIS is that their numbers have tripled in the last three months. When Obama called them the JV team last January it was estimated that there were only a few hundred of them. On Friday of last week, September 12th, it was estimated that they now have around 3,100 fighters. A shocking fact about their growth is that many of them are westerners, including Americans.

ISIS is the larges, the most well funded, and the fasting growing jihadist group in the world. Does this sound like a JV team? Does this sound like a rag tag bunch of jihadists that don’t represent Islam?

I was Washington DC this past week and I attended some legislative briefings. Some of our legislators who sit on the Homeland Security committees said we know of 100 Americans who have gone to the Middle East to fight with ISIS. The said these are the ones we know of, what about the ones we don’t know about? These people have American passports and can return to our country to carry out jihad here.

We know that at least 3,000 Europeans have joined ISIS. They fly into Istanbul, Turkey and from their they enter into Syria. As I took the metro in Washington there were signs advertising round trip tickets to Istanbul for $600, It is interesting that many young people are going to Turkey and then Syria to join ISIS and we have ads in our nations Capital telling them how to get there.

ISIS not only has all the wealth they had acquired going into Iraq, they now control a land mass the size of Israel or the state of Indiana. They have even formed a government with various ministers.

I don’t watch the gory videos of their killings, but not only do they behead, they also crucify their victims. Sometimes they don’t die quickly enough when they are crucified so the behead them also.

This evil organization not only slaughters adults, they slaughter children also. Sometimes they kill the children in front of the parents and sometimes they kill the parents in front of the children.

All of this is not new to Islam. In 1915 they slaughter thousands of Christians in Armenia with the same brutality we see today. This has been repeated throughout the history of Islam. From the time of Muhammad, until this day, Islam has brutally killed anyone who did not submit to Islam.

The last caliphate was the Ottoman Empire that was centered in Turkey. The Islamic State is the resurgence of this old caliphate.

We talked about the size of the land held by ISIS. Can you imagine if some Islamic group took over one of our states? We know that there are hundreds of terror cells in America. Suppose that they decided to band together and take over the state of Indiana. Would we call that a minor problem? No! We would call it a major coup on our American sovereignty. It would be a major threat to our security and it would become our number one priority.

In spite of the facts this President and his Secretary of State are defending Islam. This should not surprise us since this administration, under the previous Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has purged all of the documents from Homeland Security, the military, Department of Defense, and FBI of any reference to Islam in relation to terrorism.

We have to ask, is the ineptness or a lack of understanding, or is the propaganda. In my opinion this is deliberate deception and propaganda. They have an agenda that is pro-Islamic.

Is the goal of ISIS, the forming of a caliphate, consistent with Islam? The answer is a definitive YES! Whether they acknowledge it our not it or not, this is the goal of every Muslim. All Muslims are to work for the establishment and growth of the caliphate, the one world Islamic order. This is the consistent, historic goal of Islam.

I pray that those of our listeners who are Christians will realize that, not only are we fighting the ideology of Islam, we are fighting demonic forces. This is an antichrist spirit because Islam denies the very fact that Jesus is the Son of god and that He has come in the flesh.

The President has said the the Islamic State is not really Islamic. He says that since they are killing Muslims they are not Islamic. Next we are going to look at the Islamic scriptures and the teachings of Muhammad and see if this is true.

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