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Exposing The False Prophet of Islam – Part 1

MuhammadThe Foundations of Islam

If you are new to to Fortress of Faith and are not aware of the principles of Islam you may not know that in Islam it is the moral duty of Muslims to lie if it advances Islam. If you are a Christian you may not understand this because Christians are taught not to lie.

Today we are going to look at the man behind Islam, the Prophet Muhammad. He is the key to understanding Islam.

Muslims are never taught to question, they are just to believe Islam. To question anything about Islam can be dangerous to your health. Muslims, and Christians as well, need to understand the history and origin of Islam. Since Muslims are commanded to follow their scriptures, and when their scriptures are unclear, they are commanded to do as Muhammad did.

We will start by looking at the sources of Islamic doctrine. As we all know, the Qur’an is the main source of Islamic doctrine. The Qur’an came Muhammad and no one else is witness to the revelation that was supposedly given to him. Muhammad taught that the Qur’an came to him from Allah through a Jin (angel to Muslims, demon ot the rest of us), who dictated it to him in perfect Arabic.

The second source of Islamic teaching are the Hadith. The Hadith are stories about the life of the Prophet, and the Sirah, which are the sayings of Muhammad. These two sources make up what is call the Sunnah.

The Qur’an is scripture, dictated to Muhammad as a prophet and the Sunnah is the practice of the Prophet of Islam. All Muslims are commanded to imitate the practices of the Prophet as laid out in the Sunnah. Another way to say it is that the Qur’an is contains the words of Allah, the God of Islam, and the Sunnah contains the words and works of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. When you put these two things together you have the sources of Islamic doctrines.

You will find, as we go through the life of Muhammad, that he was building a kingdom. Because of this he gave laws, not just about religion, but how to govern themselves, their economy, their education, their legal system, etc. We call this the Shariah. Islam encompasses every part to the life of a Muslim. It goes so far as to tell the Muslim which foot must go first when he enters the bathroom.

The next thing I want to look at is Arabia at the time of Muhammad. What kind of culture was Muhammad born into? Arabia was a hodgepodge of every pagan religion. There were some Jews in the region and some Christians, but is was a melting pot of paganism. Muhammad said that out of the paganism, he wanted to bring monotheism.

When you look at Muhammad’s family and tribe you learn that they were worshiping many idols. This was before Muhammad had his revelations and brought a monotheistic religion to them.

There were actually 360 idols worshiped in the Kaaba, which is now the center of Islam. Muhammad’s tribe was the Quraysh tribe. This tribe was responsible for the maintenance of the Kaaba. One of the idols of the Kaaba was Allah. The last names of Muhammad’s father, grandfather and uncle were tied to Allah. His father was called Abdullah, which means slave of Allah.

It is important for us to understand that Muhammad’s family was worshiping a god named Allah long before Muhammad made him the only god. One of Muhammad’s great, great, grandfathers was a pagan priest making Muhammad part of the priestly line. This is what motivated Muhammad to seek after spiritual enlightenment.

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