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Exposing The False Prophet of Islam – Part 3

MuhammadWhen you see the three references in 1 John and one in 2 John use the term antichrist, every time it refers to a spirit denying Christ. This spirit denies that He is the Son of God, that He is God, that He has come in the flesh, etc.

The revelations that Muhammad supposedly got in the Qur’an deny, not only the Bible, they say that the people of the book, Christians and Jews, are incorrect, and Jesus is not the Son of God, that He came in the flesh, was crucified etc.

Surah 112, the surah that every Muslim prays every day in their daily prayers, says the Allah does not have a son, nor is he a father. It says Allah is not begotten, nor does he beget.

Muhammad thought he was demon possessed and his wife convinces him that he is not through a sexual encounter before the jin. When the jin leaves in the middle of the encounter she says, see, this is of god. Through her and others, including his uncle, Muhammad is convinced that this is all from God.

When the message of God was revealed in the New Testament, look at how many people responded. When the Spirit of God is behind the message thousands respond as we see in Acts Chapter 2. Muhammad preached this monotheism for some 12 to 14 years in Mecca and only had 120 to 150 followers. It wasn’t until he went to Medina and used the sword that he started having converts in any number.

The reformers of Islam today say that if we just go back to the early verses of the Qur’an we can reform Islam. The early verses that Muhammad claimed to have received and that he preached in Mecca gave him at best 150 followers. On the day of Pentecost the message resulted in 3,000 converts in one day, and that only counts the men.

Muhammad recognized that his message was not working. Again, let me remind you that the only one who received any revelation or witnessed this jin was Muhammad. No one else corroborates the message. In the Bible we see the different writers confirming what the others said. There is agreement across the board.

When he went to Medina he started raiding caravans and increasing his wealth. He also started committing assassinations. It is here in Medina that we see the sword come out.

His followers started questioning the Qur’an because the practice was not matching its teachings. The revelation was starting to contradict itself.

Muhammad had gotten into a lot of trouble with his tribe because they were polytheists. Their main god was the moon god. Their tradition said that the moon god had sexual relations and had daughters. These daughters ended up in the Qur’an and created a problem, His followers were saying that he had told them that there was only one god and no others and now you have given us scripture that says he had daughters and we used to worship them as gods.

Think about this, Muhammad claimed that the passages were dictated to him word for word in perfect Arabic. If God is dictating to you, wouldn’t you expect him to get it all right?

In pre-Islamic times the people of the region believed that the chief god of the Kaaba, Allah, had three daughters. Remember that in pagan religions it is perfectly normal for the male gods to have sex with the female gods. It was completely normal for them to produce offspring. The verses about these three daughters are in the early verses of the Qur’an.

Srurah 53:19-20 says, “Have ye thought upon al-Lat and al-‘Uzza and Manat, the third – the other.” These were the same idols they had worshiped before. Muhammad solve the problem by saying that he was confused by a demon. He thought that it was the angel Gabriel when it was a demon speaking to him.

Muhammad was supposed to be getting perfect revelation and he was confused by Satan who gave him this false information which he put into the Qur’an and now he is having to remove it. Why? Because he now says that Allah has no children.

It is also interesting that when Muhammad went to Medina the revelations changed to back up his violent behavior. This brings us to the Islamic concept of abrogation. This is how conflicts are resolved in Islam. If a later verse contradicts an older verse, the newer verse abrogates, or supersedes, the earlier verse once you gain an upper hand. In other words, once you have the power of wealth and the sword peaceful Islam goes out the window.

The later or newer verses are the ones that teach compulsion in religion. It is either convert to Islam or die. Isn’t this what we are seeing in the world today? Isn’t this what Shahram is facing today since he left Islam? He is to come back to Islam or die.

Shariah Law says that if a person leaves the faith he is to be killed. The person that kills him is not guilty of a crime because he killed someone who deserved to die.

We must understand this concept of abrogation and we must understand the principle of the two houses of Islam, the house of Islam and the house of war.

When Muhammad returned to Mecca he was no longer a nice guy. He went on a rampage to wipe out the idols. He killed those who would not submit.

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