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Exposing The False Prophet of Islam – Part 6

MuhammadMuhammad Used Sex To Build His Religion

Not only was Muhammad, himself, a sexual pervert, he used sex to build up his religion. He did this by promising that those followers who died in jihad, defending our building up Islam, would be greeted in Paradise with an eternal orgy. He told them that they would receive 72 perpetual virgins who would be their eternal sex slaves. They were told that they would have the appetite of 100 men for food and sex.

To whom would this message be most effectively addressed, and who would it attract? This resonated best with young men and young men are what he needed for his army.

They were promised 7 blessings if they died in jihad for Allah. The sixth and seventh need to be exposed because they explain why so many Muslims want to die for Allah. The sixth of these blessing is eternal sexual blessing.

Today we see more women willing to die for Allah. Since this promise is to men, how do we explain this? The seventh blessing is collective salvation. This means that they can guarantee salvation for 70 members of their families if they die in jihad.

Shahram has had Muslims tell him that Christians believe that a man died for their sins. To them that is blasphemy. First of all, Christians don’t believe that just a man died for our sins. We believe that God became a man and died for our sins. Secondly, we believe that He was perfect in His atonement.

For Muslins to call a man dying for our sins blasphemy is a bit hypocritical because of this seventh blessing for those who die in jihad. When one dies in jihad he is allowed to go before Allah and intercede for 70 relatives who then get to enter into Paradise. This is the only guarantee of salvation for Muslims.

This is why death in Islam is glorified. Not only are Muslims willing to die for Allah, many hope they do because it is their only guarantee of salvation, and it is the only guarantee for many of their family members. It is the highest aspiration of Muslims and every jihadist organization says this is so. We are told that this is “radical” Islam. No it isn’t. They are just following the teaching of the Qur’an, the hadith, and the surah.

When we look at the sexualized nature and the culture of death of Islam we know where it comes from. It comes from the beginning, the teaching and actions of their Prophet.

We need to know the truth and not be fooled by the propaganda coming from the highest levels of our government. They keep trying to tell us that these groups are not Islamic and don’t represent the teachings of Islam. It is really interesting when the President says that the Islamic State is not Islamic.

What we shared with you last week, and what we are sharing today shows that these terrorist, jihadist groups are really the true face of Islam. They are practicing pure, fundamental Islam. They are not radicals, they are true Muslims. This is why they also kill moderate Muslims. They believe that the moderates are apostate and deserve to die.

Muslims are commanded to terrorize all non-Muslims. They are commanded to make themselves Superior to all others. Muslims are commanded to tell the non-Muslims to convert, pay a tax and be a second class citizen (which can be revoked at any time), or die. Muslims are taught that when they have thw power to do so, they are to dominate others, but when they don’t have enough power to do so they are permitted to lie and to live peacefully. When the get strong enough in a society they are to rise up and overthrow that society and establish an Islamic state.

This is the ideology of Islam. What we see with groups like ISIS is an effort to purify Islam. They are even going to Muslims and saying either get on board or we will kill you.

In the days of Muhammad there were followers whose consciences were bothered by all of the killing of innocent people. When this happened Muhammad would receive another revelation from Allah telling his followers that they were to do these things. What I am telling you is that Muhammad used his god like a sock puppet. When he needed to justify the evil things he told his follower to do he just went ot his sock puppet, Allah, for justification.

When hs followers said they didn’t like all of the fighting he conveniently came up with Sura 2:216:

“Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

In other words Allah knows best, shut up, don’t question it, just do it.

In the Western world we are also being told not to question Islam. We are being told that if we tell the truth about Islam we are hate mongers. This is why ministries like Fortress of Fath are so important. Someone must stand uup and tell the truth.

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