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How Syria Became A Muslim Nation

UnitedAgainstTerrorismToday I want to start by talking about a book that our government is distributing. It comes from a mosque in Winnipeg, CA. On the surface it looked like it was the voice of the moderate Muslim speaking out against terrorism. For some time we have been asking to hear the voice of the moderate Muslims and now they have produced this book.

The Book was produced by the National Counsel of Canadian Muslims and the Islamic Social Service Association. At first it was well received. When they started getting into it a little deeper that changed.

This book was so controversial in Canada that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) flatly rejected the manual and ordered its officers not to use it. Our government has endorsed the book and now has egg on its face (again).

The title of the book is United Against Terrorism: A collaborative effort towards a secure, inclusive, and just Canada. This seems to indicate that those who published the book are trying to unite together and that they are against terrorism. In the book it speaks of jihad as being a noble cause.

In Islam they teach that there is the “greater jihad” and the “lesser jihad.” The greater jihad is the personal struggle against evil in your personal life. Of course the apologists for Islam only want to talk about this kind of jihad.

The lesser jihad is the battle against the infidels, which includes all non-Muslims. When you study Muhammad and the writings of Islam you find that 90% of the teaching on jihad is about fighting the unbelievers. Only a small portion of the Islamic teaching on jihad is about the individual’s struggle against evil in his personal life.

Jihad is an essential part of Islam. When we look at the bigger scope of jihad we find that it is the fighting against evil in the world. In Islam everything that is not submitted to Allah is evil. This includes all non-believers and all religions other than Islam.

There are two articles on this subject that we recommend reading if you want to better understand this issue.

Creeping Islamism: State Dept endorses handbook calling jihad noble

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How Syria Became A Muslim Nation

For the rest of the broadcast today we listened to Dr. Bill Warner explain how a Roman North Africa became an Arabic North Africa. This was a replay of a broadcast from 2012. It explains how a Christian Syria become a Muslim Syria and how a Christian Turkey become a Muslim Turkey?

We discuss these questions in an interview I had with Dr. Bill Warner.  Bill is a retired professor and the founder and president of Political Islam.

Rather than type  out the transcript we recommend that you listen to the broadcast by clicking on the link above.

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