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Beheading In Moore Oklahoma – Part 1

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Now let’s get into the subject at hand.

london protestToday we are going to be exposing the evils and the horrors of the ideology of that’s masquerading as a religion. We know it as Islam. We will be talking about jihadists performing their acts of violence in our own country. Let me introduce our ministry to those of you who may be new to Fortress of Faith so you know where we’re coming from.

Shahram is a former Muslim from Iran. I was a missionary overseas and God has called me back to my home country to warn America about the issues of Islam. We desire to see Muslims get saved. So there are two parts to our ministry. One side of our ministry is that we are a Christian apologetic/polemic ministry taking on the issues of Islam. The other side is that we’re a Christian missionary ministry. We want to see Muslims get saved.

Folks, don’t blame Muslims for Islam. We are going to speak very forcefully and very soberly against Islam. We oppose Islam, but we don’t hate Muslims. You need to understand that. We love Muslims. Shahram is a former Muslim, and we want Muslims to come to Christ, come to the truth. We don’t hate Muslims here. There are some people out there that way. We know that and we don’t give them a platform to spew their hate. That’s not what Fortress of Faith is about.

I just wanted to say that up front because anytime people say anything critical about Islam, they’ll say (I get this even from pastors) you don’t love Muslims. Yes I do. It’s Islam that I have a big problem with.

It has been amazing to walk through the door and the opportunity that the Lord has opened for us. It is our desire to warn this nation. I think about God bringing Shahram out of Islam fifteen years ago. It was truly for such a time as this, a time of warning America and the church, and at the same time to properly and accurately share the Gospel with Muslims, to rescue them out of this darkness of Islam.

Today we are going to be talking about this darkness. We’re going to be talking about when that darkness is manifest, when that evil is manifest. Many people love to be able to categorize things that we’re seeing around the world with ISIS, Hamas, with the nations that are Islamic countries and here in America. They want to categorize it as somehow being radical Islam. As both Shahram and I have shown time and time again, this is the true Islam. We are trying to bring an accurate understanding of the ideology of Islam and how to resist it.

Today we’re going to be talking about the very first beheading of a non-Muslim on American soil. In the past there have been honor killings in America, Muslim against Muslim. There was a story a few years back of a husband who got angry with his wife. They were both Muslim, and he tried to behead her. We’re not quite sure if he completely beheaded her or not, but he tried to behead her. But what happened in Moore, Oklahoma just a few weeks ago was the very first beheading of a non-Muslim on American soil.

Because the media isn’t reporting it most people don’t know the second victim survived and was almost beheaded as well. The media reported that she was being stabbed. That’s not accurate. She was cut across her neck and she was cut across her face and she was stabbed. We’ll try not to talk about this perpetrator too much today because we want to focus on the victims. He was trying to behead her as well. The only reason he was stopped was because the plant owner had a rifle and used it to stop this jihadist.

The most shocking part I think of this whole story is once again the United States government, the military apparatus, and the law enforcement community has come out and said this attack in Oklahoma had nothing to do with Islam and waas simply workplace violence. If our listeners remember, that’s exactly what we got after Fort Hood. Major Hasan, who was shouting “Allah Akbar” as he killed thirteen people and they told us it’s just workplace violence. He just wasn’t happy.

This is nonsense. This is madness. At the end of the day, Our government is not only grossly negligent, many of the officials are treasonous and they are not protecting our rights. Let’s look at the backdrop of the story. There are two victims. Let’s talk briefly about Colleen Hufford a grandmother of fifty-four. What do you know about her? There are a few things we found out about her that we just want to point out.

This happened in the heartland of America. This lady, this victim of Islam, could be your next door neighbor. This could have happened to your own mother. We need to understand how personal this is. She was just a regular American working her job. She’s a grandmother, fifty-four years of age. If she was like most Americans, she would probably, think what do I need to know about Islam? There are some Muslims around here, we have some Muslims in our workplace, I don’t understand these people and quite frankly, I’m a little afraid of them.

She was just living the American dream. She’s doing her job. She loved her family. Her family has great testimony of the loving relationship she had with them. Later in life she had became a hockey fan. In fact, she actually went to watch a hockey game on Christmas day and she was amazed at how she had become so enamored with the sport. She goes to work, minding her own business, and she becomes the first American to lose her head because of the religion of Islam on American soil. This is in the heartland, Oklahoma.

That’s right, Oklahoma. If you had asked any of those people at that plant what they thought the odds of a jihadist attack, a terrorist attack, in Moore, Oklahoma, they would have said it was very low. Her husband was waiting outside for her? One of the parts of the story that was missing is that apparently this was near the end of the day and her husband usually waits outside to pick her up. The media reports said he was outside the plant and had no idea that this was going on. In just a matter of a few minutes his wife iwas not only dead, but beheaded.

The other part of this story is that, from what we understand, this perpetrator, his given name is Alton Nolen, but he called himself Jah’Keem Yisreal, an Islamic name, because he had converted to Islam. I keep hearing media reports that he supposedly converted to Islam. What do they mean supposedly? Look at his Facebook page. Look at his content. He is clearly claiming that he is a Muslim. He clearly is quoting scripture from the Koran. He is quoting verses from Surah 09:56 and the Hadith.

The media has gone nuts. He was supposedly a Muslim convert he supposedly shouted some Islamic phrases as he was beheading Colleen Hufford. No, every witness said he was shouting Islamic phrases, probably “Allah Akbar” while he was cutting her head off. Traci Johnson, who is the second victim, who was forty-three years old, apparently was intended to be the first victim. As I said earlier, the media said he stabbed her. No, he was cutting her head off when the plant manager got his rifle and shot the guy.

This is not being reported the way it should be because it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative that guns are bad. In this case it saved a life; maybe more.

We may get back to the gun issue maybe later on because I think there are things that need to be said about this. We could have been talking about two fatalities here. Traci Johnson also was within inches of losing her life and losing her head in the name of Allah.

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