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Beheading In Moore Oklahoma – Part 2

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Now let’s get into the subject at hand.

london protestI need to correct something I said in the  broadcast last Saturday. I said that this was the first beheading by a Muslim on American soil. A listener sent me an article reminding me that there was a beheading In New Jersey. There were two immigrants from Egypt who were Coptic Christians. They were attacked by a Muslim and beheaded.

We pray for Tracy’s healing. She’s going to have lifelong scars, emotionally and physically. We also pray families of these victims. It’s just outrageous that this is going on and our hearts go out to them.

I want to talk a bit about the perpetrator, Jah’keem Yisrael. I want to start with a statement made by the FBI as they were investigating this case. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is now directly under the justice department. The head of the justice department is none other than Mr. Eric Holder. Mr. Eric Holder, who is now resigning because, ironically enough, because a federal judge has ruled against him on the evidence, the transcripts of the Fast and Furious. Remember when they were selling guns to the Cartel and they used it against us. That evidence has now got to come into the public light. Ironically enough, he just happens to resign after the judge rules against him, and they haven’t even released those documents yet.

Eric Holder is the one who is defining policy for the FBI. The FBI comes says “There was also no indication that Nolan was copying the beheadings of journalists in Syria by the Islamic State.” The officials said they are treating this as an incident of workplace violence. They said there’s no indication that this guy has any connected to ISIS. They say there is no evidence of terrorism.

Do they think that we are so ignorant that we are going to buy this after what happened at Ford Hood? Let me go through just a few examples. I was a police officer for a time. In the academy they taught us how to do good investigations. Let me see if I can do a good job of this investigation. I don’t have the resources of the FBI, I’m just going to base this on Alton Nolan’s own Facebook page. Just evidence from his own words.

He had an admiration for Jihadi terrorists. He had pictures on his Facebook page of various terrorist groups and their leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, and the spiritual leader of ISIS. His page featured graphic photographs of beheadings accompanied by Koranic quotes. For example, Surah 8:12 to 13 – “I will instill terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, smite ye above their necks.” We’re going to cover that verse a little bit later.

His Facebook page also has Koranic quotes and Islamic exhortations where he was telling people they must follow Islam, which is what he was being taught at the Mosque. How do we say that this guy is not a Muslim? Clearly he is a Muslim, clearly he converted; more than likely he converted when he was in prison. We know he spent two years in prison for assaulting a police officer. If you remember the sheriff’s deputy who got into a scuffle with him several years back. She said that this guy had gone for her gun and that she should have shot him back then. Maybe it would have stopped incident this from happening.

Also, there’s a picture of him on his Facebook page where he titles it “Masjid An-Nasr at the Islamic Mosque in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with two of my brothers from Morocco”

WithTwoBrothers Note that he is holding a finger up, the one. Where have we seen that before? Isn’t that what ISIS is doing? When people do that, they are signifying, “I am standing with the Islamic State, the number one government of God, of Allah,” so they are simply saying, “I’m part of it. I am supporting it.” When they stand there with their picture being taken in their Islamic robes, holding the index finger up, they’re saying, “One state, Islamic state, one government, the Caliphate.”

We know from witnesses that he was shouting Islamic phrases, this is not alleged. The witnesses say that while he was committing the beheading and the almost beheading, he was shouting Islamic phrases, more than likely, “Allah Ahkbar.” We have seen time and time again. The most troubling thing and the greatest evidence is the Mosque where he went.

Masjid An-Nasr is the name of the Mosque. It is in Oklahoma. Its long-time Imam is Suhaib Webb. Suhaib has been listed as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world today by the Royal Islamic Strategic Study Center since 2010. He comes, originally, from a Christian home. His grandfather was a Christian preacher. In his youth, he began to reject religion but somehow got sucked into Islam in his teenage years. He got involved in the Muslim Student Association and the Muslim American Society Scholarship Program. Through that, they sent this convert to Egypt, to the Al-Azhar University.

We’ve spoken about this university many times. It is the crème de la crème university of all of Islam. It’s the oldest university in the world. They’re largely Sunni Muslims. He graduated from the Al-Azhar and he came back to America. He became the Imam, the spiritual leader, like a pastor to the congregation, in Moore, Oklahoma. In fact one of his disciples, who goes by the name Noor, has been on TV of late. You’ve seen him on Fox News and heard him on radio programs.

Noor says, “They’ve got a public face and a private face. Inside, when the doors are closed, they tell us what Jihad really is, and when I began to understand and realize, ‘Hey, I’m to kill my family if they don’t convert to Islam. I’m to do these things for Allah.'” The more he began to understand it, he said, “Woah, this is not the religion that I want to follow,” and he leaves it. When he came out of it he got involved with the police and shared some information with them. He then went back undercover for another four years with this group. So he’s become a very valuable informant of what’s being taught in this Masjid An-Nasr, “this Islamic center.”

Now here’s the key: Suhaib Webb left Oklahoma and went to Boston. He became the leader of the Islamic center there in Boston where one of the Tsarnaev brothers attended. Isn’t this interesting?

This Tsarnaev brother is one of the Jihadist of what we know as the Boston Bomber there. So let’s connect the dots: we have a beheading in Moore, Oklahoma, where this Suhaib Webb was administrator at one time, and now he’s up in Boston, and while he was in Boston, we had the Boston Bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers. Some might argue that perhaps that Suhaib has never met this Jah’keem Yisrael who did the beheading there in Moore. It is possible they never met and they may not know each other. But he has studied, he has been taught Islam in the same institution that Suhaib Webb used to teach in. This mosque, like many others, are teaching the doctrines of Islam. Folks, we need to realize they have a public face and they have a private face. We need to understand Al-Taqiayya at this moment (the doctrine of deception) which we have covered many times at Fortress of Faith.

Don’t think that this can’t happen in your neighborhood. Who would have thought Moore Oklahoma? We want to drive this point home: Collen Huffard is the first American to be beheaded on American soil and our government says, “This isn’t Islam. This is just workplace violence.”

When are we going to get upset with our government and say, “Stop the lies. Pack them in. We’re not buying them anymore.” We keep letting the government lie to us and they’ll continue if we keep letting it happen.

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