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Beheading In Moore Oklahoma – Part 4

london protestYesterday another soldier was killed in Canada by a Muslim. This was the second this week. Earlier this week a Muslim tried to kill two Canadian soldiers by running them over with his car, one of the died and the other has survived so far.

Yesterday in Ottawa a soldier was killed by another Muslim at the War Memorial. As more information has come in we learn that this Muslim did have connections with ISIS. ISIS tweeted a picture of him dressed has a Muslim and claimed him has one of their soldiers. From the War Memorial he went to the Parliament and was killed by the Master of Arms.

We are hearing of more and more things like this. The common denominator is Islam. We will keep you updated as this unfolds.

We are going to look again at the beheading in Moore, OK today. Our President is living in a fantasy world concerning these incidents. He wants us to believe that Islam has nothing to do with these attacks and that they are nothing more than workplace violence.

This administration,under the leadership of President Obama, is doing little to protect us against the threat of Islam. The question that must be asked is Why? The answer is because he, himself, is a Sunni Muslim. He even said in his book that if things go bad he is going to side with Islam. It doesn’t take a great research analyst to find this information. It is out there for anyone who wants to know the truth.

Before we get into more about the actions of this jihadist it would be good to know what was preached in the mosque the Friday before this happened. This is really critical. Because I can just see that some who are reading this may think, “Well okay, you made the connection there is this guy Suhaib Webb who was the Imam at the mosque in Oklahoma and at Boston. Boy, what an interesting coincidence that you get this attack happening from someone going to this mosque. And then you get the Boston bombings. but you know those guys are radical. It’s not indicative of the mosque, or it’s not indicative of Islam.”

I want to just tear those arguments down. Here is what was being preached just the week before this happened at Vaughan Foods and Jah’Keem Yisrael goes on his jihadist spree.

The mosque’s Imam, Imad Enchassi, claimed in a sermon that Islamophobes in Oklahoma were plotting to behead Muslims. This was the sermon, the Islamic sermon that was given the week before this event happened in Moore. This guy Yisrael is probably walking around, believing what the Imam has told him, that the Islamophobes like us, the white folks out there, are going to try to behead them. So he goes and beheads first.

You may ask “Well did that have any influence on this?” You better believe it did. The informant, Noor, talks about their using taqiyya when they told the media after this event, “We condemn this, this is horrible, this is wrong.”

When the doors were closed, and they were amongst their congregants, they were saying, “Listen, true Islam teaches that you must give the unbelievers the three choices. Either convert, either pay the tribute or the Jizya, or you’re at war with us and die.” That that was consistently being taught, from this mosque, from Suhaib Webb, and from the Imad Enchassi.

The question has to be, is that consistent with the teachings of Islam? I just saw on the news a couple of days ago where another apologist for Islam coming out and saying, “There is no violence in the Quran. Nowhere in the Quran is there violence.”

I’m going, “What Quran are you reading?” Are there verses in the Quran, that not only call for violence, but for beheadings? There definitely are! There are passages in Surah 47, “to strike them at their necks.” Surah 8:12, “to smite them at their necks.” This is not talking about a karate chop, my friends. This means take your sword and remove their head from their body.

There are other places we could talk about. Places where they are commanded to go and fight the unbeliever. The most popular verse, perhaps in all of the Quran, Surah 9:29. “Fight those who believe not in Allah.”

This is the last instruction that Muslims are getting from their prophet, the last chapter. Muhammad was laying it out very clearly, even if they’re the people of the book, the Christians as well. They are the Mushkuroons.

Muslims believe that Christians are polytheists because they believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They say we believe in three Gods, not one. We are Mushkuroons, we are to be killed.

You can honey-glaze this, you can sugar coat this, and distort the message. This is what many are trying to do.

Fortunately for us, there are people like Shahram and I who are studying this out. We have a background in this. And we’re saying, “Hey, someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. They’re trying to get you to live in a fantasy world.”

Obama is living in a fantasy world, and he wants you to join him. And he wants you to believe that this is not the face of Islam. And that is what Muslims want you to believe as well. They want you to stay in darkness, stay in doubting over this. They want you to think of people like Shahram and myself as being a few nut balls out there. They want you to think that we are just hate mongers, that we are just sewing seeds of misinformation and we are making a big living on it. We must be missing. If there was a big living to be had, somehow we have missed out on that part. Actually, what we’ve done is put our families in danger. We have put a big target on our backs, and we know that. We know that people want to shut us up. But we’re compelled to tell the truth.

The truth has to be told because the lie is being sold. America should be able to go to the media for the truth, but instead the media has an agenda and the truth is not being told. That’s why we have to go to the radio and the Internet with the message. That is why we must ask our readers and our listeners to give and support this ministry. We’re so thankful that you’re doing it, because you make it possible.

I hear so many times, from our listeners saying, “Oh you’re such a hero. God bless you for what you you’re doing.” We know that there’s risk of what we are doing, but we don’t think of ourselves as heroes. We are compelled to tell the truth, as God has told us to do. I think the heroes are really those who help us to make it happen. It’s the support that comes in that makes it possible.

I got of track but sometimes it is goof to let people know where we come from. I want to say publicly, Shahram, thank you for what you’re doing. You are an apostate. You left Islam. You already have one target, that’s the target on the front of you. Now you’ve got one on the back because you’re speaking out against Islam. And may God bless you and protect you and your family. Now let’s get back to the subject at hand.

Part of the lies, part of the deception, is that they’ll quote some verses in the Quran. One verse that they love to quote in order to sew their seeds of misinformation and their lies is Surah 5:32, and they’ll only quote part of that verse. And here’s what they’ll say. “If anyone slew a person, unless it be for murder, or for spreading mischief in the land.”

So if you kill someone other than giving vengeance for someone else’s crime, if you kill someone, here’s what it says. “It would be as if he slew the whole world.” In other words, they love quoting that verse, don’t they? We have heard many times, “Oh, Islam is non-violent. In fact, it tells us if we kill someone? It’s as if we’ve killed everybody in the world. It’s such a terrible thing to do.” But they won’t quote all of that verse.

The first part of the verse, the context, is talking about to the children of Israel, the Jews. It’s talking to them. They’re not to kill someone. If they do kill someone, “it’s if you killed everyone in the world.”

The next verse, verse 33, tells what Muslims are to do to those who are non-Muslims. To those who are the enemies of Allah. “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah, and his messenger, execution, crucifixion, cutting off of their hands and feet from opposite sites.” They don’t tell us about that verse, do they? The context is saying, “Hey you Jews. You better not kill anybody, because if you kill anybody it’s like you’ve killed the whole world.” But hey Muslims, “you are commanded to fight for Allah, wage war against those who are against Allah and his messenger.” You’re absolutely right.


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