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The Motive of the Lone Wolf Terrirists

breaking-newsLet’s look at some of the items in the news today. I want to start with the shooting in Ottawa. A recent convert to Islam shot a soldier who was guarding the War Memorial. This soldier was essentially unarmed since the weapon he was carrying was unloaded. This was a ceremonial guard much like our guards on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in America.

The shooter then ran into Canada’s Parliament building to do more harm and kill more people. Thankfully the Sergent of Arms shot and killed this Muslim terrorist.

Just a few days before another young convert to Islam attacked two soldiers with his car. One of them was killed. The police chased him and his car crashed. He jumped out of his car car and ran toward a police officer with his knife in hand to do more damage. He was shot and killed.

Yesterday, in New York City, there appears to have been another attack by another Muslim. It has all of the hallmarks of another Islamic terrorist attack. A man came running at a policeman with an ax and almost severed the policeman’s arm. This police officer is in critical condition. Another police shot and killed the attacker. A woman was accidentally shot in this incident.

In these attacks, including the one in Moore, OK that we have been covering, there seems to be little planning that would allow them to commit their crime and then get away safely so they could live another day and fight again. There is a reason for this. Remember the attack in London over a year ago where a soldier was beheaded by two Muslim men. These two men waited around for the police to show up. Since the police in the UK don’t carry weapons they had to wait for a special unit to show up. They showed up some ten to fifteen minutes later. When they did the Muslims started running at the police with their weapons and they were shot an killed by the police.

Here is what I want to point out. The goal of these Muslim terrorists is to die. They really do want to die in the act of performing jihad. Why? Because this is a core teaching of Islam. In Islam, no Muslim has a guarantee of going to Paradise unless they die as a shahid. You need to become familiar with this word. It is someone who dies as a martyr for Allah performing jihad.

The teachings of Islam’s Prophet, Muhammad, in the Hadith explain the seven blessings of the shahid. Here is what it says:

The shahid has seven blessings from Allah.

  1. He is forgiven from the moment his blood is first shed.
  2. He will be shown his place in Paradise.
  3. He will be spared the trial of the grave.
  4. He will be secure on the day of the greatest terror, the day of judgment.
  5. There will be placed on his head a crown of dignity, one ruby of which is better than this world and all that is in it.
  6. He will be married to seventy-two virgins and he will be able to ravage them through all eternity.
  7. He will be permitted to intercede for seventy of his relatives.

This is why they want to die. It not only guarantees their salvation, but they can bring seventy of their family members with them. This is the appeal of Islam and this is the mindset of these mad men. We are foolish enough to think that we can defeat this by trying to appease Muslims and appeal to their sensitivities.

It should be obvious that it is not working. When are we going to get fed up with political correctness? Even today one of the police in Ottawa is spouting some of the political correct junk we hear here in the US.

It is time that the citizens stand up and say enough is enough. We need to demand that our governments shoot straight with us. We must force them to stop spewing all of this political correctness. We will never stop Islamic terrorism by being nice and trying not to offend Muslims. We need government officials who will have the courage to say that the problem is Islam.

We need to be in prayer for our nations. We also need to be in prayer for the victims of Islamic terrorism, both here and abroad. We also need to use the power of the vote to put people in office who will do what is necessary to defeat those who would harm us and who would take away our freedoms.

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