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Europe, The Front Line Against Islam – Part 1

sharia-law-for-ukFor the next few days we are going to talk about how Islam is on the front lines in the continent of Europe.

There was a time when Berlin was the front line of the Cold War against Communism. Today, the whole continent of Europe is the front line against Islam. The walls in Europe are being broken down by Islam at this very moment.

We can see how Islam has tried to take over the continent of Europe. This should be of great concern for us here in America because the consequences are serious. If Islam controls the wealth and the weapons of Europe, what effect will it have on our national security in North America? We are worried about Muslims getting nukes over in Iran, but what about the nukes in London? What about the war heads in France, in Germany? If we lose these nations to Islam you know where they’re going to be pointing them.

This is not the first time Islam has tried to take over Europe. They tried twice before. The first time they tried to come into Europe across North Africa, through Spain, then they marched into France.

They were turned back at the battle of Tours, or more specifically at the city of Poitiers, in 732. I know this town pretty well because that is where my wife is from. That’s where her family still lives, and we go to visit that area often I have been to the site of the battle a number of times. Charles Martel, also known as the Hammer, pushed the Muslim forces back. Had he not stopped the armies of the Muslims from marching through Europe, we would have a different history today. Europe would be different and even America would be quite different.

Because someone said, “No, we are not going to let this ideology, this religion, take us over and make us their servants, we are not going to submit, we are not going to bend, we are taking our stand,” the Muslims were pushed back.

The first two advancements were done by the sword. They were trying to conquer as Mohammad had taught them.

The second battle was actually a two part battle, perhaps some of our listeners are familiar with the Siege of Vienna in 1683 where the final battle was fought. Until I had done some more research, I didn’t realize that it actually started at an earlier battle in 1529 where the Ottoman Empire, which was a Muslim empire, marched against Europe.

The Ottoman Empire wasn’t just one nation like we think of it today, but it was the Islamic army coming into Europe. They were led by Suleiman the Magnificent. They were pushed back in the first battle of 1529, but they came back later for the final battle which took place in Vienna in 1683. What is very significant about the battle of 1683, is that the actual day the battle was fought and won was on September 11th, 1683.

September 11th is a date that I am sure you remember. In Islam these dates are very significant. The fact that we were attacked on September 11th is not an accident, it is intentional. It signifies the first push in Europe, the second push in Europe, and now it is the third wave of Islam that we believe is coming.

The difference this time is that they’re not just attacking by the sword. Now there’s another element, they have learned that cultural Jihad, stealth Jihad, may be more effective than just blowing up things and killing people. In the past, every time they came with the sword (the Battle of Poitiers in France, and the Battle of Vienna), they were pushed back because there were those who were willing to say “No, enough is enough!”.

We recognize that Islam is a threat to life as we understand it, and we recognize that Islam is our enemy. Not the average Muslim, but Islam, the ideology, and we must push it back. We have said many times that this is where America must get to. As Americans we have to understand that, unless we resist this ideology of Islam with every means possible, we will be taken over. What they have done with great success in Europe, they WILL do in America. They have learned how to do it in Europe, and it is coming here.

I have seen how the Muslims have been tweaking and learning how to manipulate our law system and our governmental system. They have been learning how to do it for the last seventy years in Europe. Now that they have been practicing and perfecting their plans in Europe, they are bringing their “A game” to America.

Muslims have learned that if they raise up an army to take us over the we will fight back! If you kick down our front door, we come out shooting and we are really good at it.

The world knows that we have the best armies, we are better funded, we are well trained, and we have better weapons. Islam loses every time they go up against the West. They tried twice to take Europe with the sword and they failed. They have learned that if they are going to take over the West, if they are going to bring the world under submission to Allah, which is the mission of Islam, they are going to have to do something different.

Their new battle plan was developed after World War I, and the greatest thinkers and manipulators in this new plan are the Muslim Brotherhood. We talk about them so much because they have their fingerprints all over what is happening today.

Here is what they’re doing. They have found our weak points. They have found where we are gullible and where we are weak. They move into our countries and live amongst us, acting as though we are all friends. Not every Muslim is a part of this Jihad, the majority of them who’ve come to the West have come to get away from the tyranny of Islam.

As the numbers of the fundamentalists grow they start bullying the non-Muslims and what we might call “moderate Muslims.” The moderates will soon be forced to declare themselves as Muslims and followers of true Islam or they will have to suffer the same fate as non-Muslims.

We have brought in people from the FBI to discuss some of these things that are going on and have documented them many times on this website and on our radio broadcasts. We are not going to get into all the evidence today but we want to discuss what they are doing in Europe, and how they are doing it through stealth Jihad.

Terrorism is a bit of a distraction. It’s like a magician who wants to misdirect your attention. The terrorism gets us looking in one area so we spend all kinds of money on defense, on security in our airports, and the like. Every time I go through an airport, and I have to take off my shoes I say, “Thank you Islam”. When I have to take off my belt, again I say “Thank you Islam”. When I have to take stuff out of my bags, “Thank you Islam”. When I have to go through the humiliation of someone looking at an x-ray of my body, “Thank you Islam”. When I have to arrive at the airport early and take a lot of extra time, “Thank you Islam”.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it is just a distraction. We look over at these things, and we are not watching the other hand. Next, we are going to talk about that other hand. The deception, the stealth Jihad.

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