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Europe, Front Line Against Islam – Part 5

sharia-law-for-ukWe should be shedding tears and grieving for Europe, and for our nation here in America, because that is what it is going to take to turn us around. It is that heart of repentance that comes when we understand how far we’ve fallen from God’s standards.

It’s pretty hard to talk about the condition of Europe and not talk about the condition of the churches in Europe. Some people have described Europe as in a coma, their churches are dead. We know that God always preserves a remnant, however, the churches as a whole in Europe, and the Christian community as a whole have sold out to the enemy. I know that there are some brave people that are standing, but there are only a few that are truly standing. The majority have sold out.

People have to understand the Biblical principle that when the churches are no longer salt and light, when the spirit of God is not invited in, nothing is left vacant. The Bible says that the spirit of enemy comes in seven times stronger. Here we have Europe vacating Christianity, basically being in a comatose state, and guess what! Islam has come in and taken that place as the new spiritual center of Europe.

Political correctness and multiculturalism have brought the downfall of Europe. When European countries began to pass laws saying you can’t bring your Christian faith into the public square, when they began to pass discrimination laws, defamation laws, etc…Churches didn’t fight back and they didn’t stand strong for God’s precepts, no, instead the churches simply caved. Many churches just said “okay” and threw their hands up in the air saying, “We will comply. We will comply. Just let us do our thing.” The system squeezed them and squeezed them and squeezed them to the point where they couldn’t comply anymore. They had to stop being the churches of God. That is what I’m concerned about in America. Just like in Great Britain, there are still people today who refuse to believe it can happen. The same attitude is in the churches of America.

Either they refuse to believe it can happen, or they don’t want to hear the truth. They think we just want to bash Muslims. They don’t know our hearts. Shahram is not being allowed to go into some churches, and has been told by some Pastors that the only way they will let him come into their churches to speak is if he promises not to say anything negative about Islam.

He asks, “Pastor how can I do that. My own testimony is a testimony of what Islam was. That it is evil, it is demonic. This is the hope that Muslims can come out of this darkness and come into the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” But no, no, no, we don’t want to offend the Muslims. We don’t want to offend the sensitivity.

We must remember that what Islam practiced in Europe they are perfecting here. They are coming into our legal system. They have footholds in our government. What I am most concerned about is the condition of the churches in America.

If Christians are not willing to truly understand Islam all will be lost. I thank God for our faithful listeners and readers. I thank God for those on this program. We get so many e-mails and so many responses from people who are saying thank you that this is on the air. Thank you that you’re willing to talk. I just ran into a gal who said to me, “We listen to this show faithfully now. Every week, online, when we can, because we need to hear what’s happening, so few are willing to speak the truth.”

We don’t have enough time on our broadcast or in our articles to cover everything. You need to do the research for yourselves. We have many articles and many links to other articles and sources on our website,, to help you in your research.

What is happening with the churches in America? In Europe the seculars, the homosexual community, the people that were secular humanists, that don’t want God, pushed this agenda. The interesting thing is that Islam followed them and took over and it’s taking over. Isn’t that what’s happening in America?

We are making the same mistakes Britain did. Their churches began to weaken on doctrine, and were more interested in preaching fluff and all that kind of stuff. Secularism began to build in the country. We are following that same pattern here. The secularism begins to turn on the churches. Any time we try to become friends with the world like Britain did, like the churches did, the people who we think are our friends will eventually turn on us.

We thought we could be friends with and partner with the secular government and secular education as Christians and churches. When we do… it turns on us. We are seeing that here in America. Who would have thought that the day would come in America where, if you stand and preach on which you believe in as a Christian, you could go to jail. That day has arrived.

Look what happened in the news recently. If you’ve not been paying attention to the news, in Houston, Texas, conservative Texas, a Mayor has subpoenaed the sermons and the communications of the Pastor in regards to any opposition that they have given against her promotion of homosexual laws. The bathroom law that allows one to decide today I’m a girl, I’m going to go to a girl’s restroom and all that kind of stuff, is just ridiculous. If these preachers have preached against it or given any communications through e-mails or letters or whatever, or phone calls, the court has now subpoenaed those things.

There is a college that’s been around since 1889, Gordon College, and they are about to lose their accreditation for not hiring homosexuals. This is a Christian college. They are being told that if they don’t hire homosexuals they will lose their accreditation.

In Coeur D’Alene it is even worse than in Houston. When Houston broke we were shocked. They were subpoenaing, not only the sermons, but the e-mails transcripts. In Idaho the City Council in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, conservative Idaho, passed an ordinance that said if facilities don’t accommodate homosexual weddings they will be subject to the city’s discrimination laws. It wasn’t just a civil crime, because normally those discrimination laws are civil, they will only fine you or sue you. They said they were going to give them jail time!

There was a big meeting at the City Council. People showed up and voiced their opposition. The City Council ignored it and voted it in anyway. There is a wedding chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It is run by two ordained Pastors and the city has said that they were in violation of the law because a homosexual couple wanted to be married there, and they refused. Was it an accident or was it targeted. I’m willing to bet it was targeted. They said, “Marry us here.” The couple respectfully declined and said, “Because of our Christian faith we can’t.”

The City Council said they must not only accommodate the wedding, but they must officiate the wedding. The homosexual community in Washington State has said they would never force Christians to marry us. The homosexual crowd has pushed the City Council in Coeur d’Alene force Christian ministers to officiate gay weddings. Here’s the kicker, every day that they are in violation of the city ordinance, they face a fine,It is already up to $7,000 because it’s $1,000 per day. Also, every day they are in violation they face 180 days in jail. By the time you read this it will have been about a week and a half or ten days.

If we don’t stand up and fight this kind of thing it is over for Christianity in America. Our freedom of religion will be gone and we will be in jail.

You didn’t think this would happen in America, did you? Well, it’s here. Pastors wake up, Christians wake up, and get your head out of the sand, stop being so naive. We are supposed to be gentle as doves and wise as serpents. The day is here, the fight is on. When the secularism comes in Islam follows it. Islam follows because the secularism laws seem to never apply to Islam.

I think Charles Finney was a prophet in a way when he said that the responsibility is in the pulpits of America. If we don’t preach on these things, if all these sinful things are going on in our world, it’s the fault of the pulpits.

I’ll close with this; we’re not going to fix this from the top down. We’ll fix it from the bottom up. The bottom is where the people are and we need people who will put pastors in the pulpits, pastors with courage, with strength, who will fear God rather than man. We have reached a time when we are going to separate the men from the boys.

Readers, if you’re part of a church that doesn’t have a Pastor with some guts, which includes about 90% of the Pastors of America according to recent research, find one that does. It’s going to be hard to find that kind of church. It means you’re going to have to leave all the fun and the fluff and go find some good preaching. Then get behind your Pastor and encourage him to stand strong.

Pastors, we need men in the pulpits of America with fortitude. BE ONE!

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