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The Seven Blessings of the Shahid – Part 2

ConvertedYouthBefore we continue with our subject for the week I would like to share some recent news with you. Over the weekend there was another attack on military personnel by a Muslim in Manchester, England. A cadet was selling poppies for what they call “Remembrance Day” in the UK. The Muslim walked by him and started spraying a flammable substance in the cadet’s face and light it with a lighter. As far as I know it wasn’t fatal, but the Muslim did get away. I believe we will see more of these lone wolf attacks as time goes on.

Now let’s get to our main subject for today.

The reason we see more and more things like what is happening in Coeur d’Alene and Houston is because those with an ungodly agenda are infiltrating our city councils and other government agencies. This is why elections like the one coming up on Tuesday are so important. These infiltrators are then getting ordinances passed like the one in Coeur d”Alene and Houston where Christian business people are being forced to violate their religious beliefs and accommodate the unbiblical practices of others.

Stories like this are going to increase. The progressives and secular humanists are not content to be able to practice their ungodly practices, they want to stop all opposition and force others to do things their way. Pastor’s and churches are becoming the main target of these ungodly people. It will only get worse if we don’t take a stand against it, even if it means going to jail.

True Christianity has always grown the most under persecution. In the first century persecution was everywhere and it was very intense. It spite of this the Gospel spread throughout the Roman Empire and beyond. We, at Fortress of Faith and the TIL Project, believe that God is sending persecution to separate the sheep from the goats.

You will notice, if you follow the news, that there is no effort to silence the voice of Islam. No one would dare because it might cost them their lives. If we don’t stand up against the political correctness that is rampant today we will soon find that the only religious voice allowed is Islam. If this is allowed to happen the secularist will soon find that they are the target of Islam. Christianity opposes homosexuality as sin, Islam kills homosexuals.

The Lone Wolf Attacks

This brings us back to the main subject for today. We have been hearing appeals from groups like ISIS for Muslims in America to conduct “lone wolf” attacks to terrorize people in North America. Now I want to look at the motivation for these attacks. I want us to understand what they hope to gain by the attacks themselves, and their dying in the process.

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