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The Seven Blessings of the Shahid – Part 4

ConvertedYouthtwo days ago I mentioned an incident where a cadet was torched by a Muslim while he was selling poppies for Remembrance Day. Today I want to bring another such incident to your attention. In this incident a Muslim gang threatened some cadets at an army barracks. They did not actually commit a crime other than the treat but it does indicate that the message of the jihadist groups to attack military personal is having the intended effect in Great Britain. These to attacks along with the attacks we have seen here in North America, point out that we can expect more lone wolf attacks against our police and our military personnel.

These attackers seem to be responding to the call from the Islamic groups to target the police and the military. They have even gone so far as to call for attacks against the families of soldiers.

They are told to use whatever weapon they can find. In the videos used to recruit these lone wolf jihadists they even said, if you don’t have a weapon use your car. The man who ran over the two soldiers was just following the instructions he received.

In America there are many who want to take guns away from the citizens. May I point out that only one of the recent lone wolf attackers used a gun. One used a knife, one used a hatchet, and one used a car. If someone is intent on killing he will use any weapon he can find, and yes, a car can be a weapon. In Moore, OK, in New York, and in the Canadian Parliament building it is a good thing that someone had a gun or more people would have been killed.

ISIS is stealing the limelight from other jihadist groups. The other groups don’t want to be sidelined. There is competition between them. Other groups have agents in America, Hezbollah probably having the most. Don’t be surprised if you see them trying to do something that will take the limelight away from ISIS. I don’t know why we haven’t heard from them yet. It may be that they are planning something larger than the lone wolf attacks so they can become the dominant force in Islam.

The biggest problem here in America is that our government is so pro-Islam that they will not even admit that Islam is a problem, let alone the problem. We have a government that will not even admit that the attack in Moore, OK was and Islamic attack.

Our government has purged any mention of Islam from the material used to teach those who are supposed to protect us. It will not let law enforcement consider anyone’s Islamic ties in their investigations. How can we be safe from these attacks from the jihadists if we won’t admit the true problem?

We must wake up to what is happening. The freedoms we have in America came from the preaching in the pulpits of American churches. It will take something similar to turn things around. In stead of our churches and our Christians getting involved we see more and more apathy. Christians don’t even bother to vote. We believe that Islam is a judgment from God because we, both as a nation and as individuals, have turned our back on Him.

You can learn much more about this by reading the articles on this website. I also invite you to go to Shahram’s website where you will also find much valuable information. His website is

We must be informed and we must take a stand.

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