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How To Refute Islam – Part 2

helpful-tipsWhile I am thinking about it let me recommend Bill Warner’s “The Foundations of Islam” course. You can get it on his website

What is political Islam

I want to mention a movement in the US called, “American Law For American Courts.” It started in Tennessee and I believe that it has been passed in eight states at this time. I believe that Bill Warner has be the prime mover in this movement. Other groups like Act For America are helping promote this movement.

One of the goals of Islam in America is to replace our Constitution with Sharia law. They know they can’t do this overnight, but we need to know that Islam thinks in generations. Americans, on the other hand, lose interest after about six weeks.

The first law passed to keep Sharia law out of our courts was passed in Tennessee because of the efforts of Bill Warner. It said that there could be no appeal to Sharia law in the courts of Tennessee.

This bill generated a lot of opposition from the Muslims. They had a protest at the legislator of more than a thousand people from all over the state. Fortunately it didn’t turn out in their favor. When they saw all of the women in Berkas, instead of being impressed, they were horrified. The bill passed overwhelmingly by 99 to 1.

This incident is the reason Bill wrote the book “Sharia Law For Non-Muslims.” In the process of getting this bill passed he saw the the legislators had no understanding of the problem.

We are starting to see a small wave of people who are willing to take a stand on this issue. It is much easier to stand if you have someone to stand shoulder to shoulder with.

America loves myths like Superman, the Lone Ranger, Dirty Harry, and the like where one man defeats a whole organization of bad guys. These are just stories, one man does not defeat an army. We are fighting a war against a powerful army and we need to raise up an army to stand against Islam.

There is a natural, ready made, army which should be standing against Islam. It is made up of the churches of America. It is so easy to fight this once you understand the true nature of Muhammad. It is sad that so few of our Christian leaders are willing to learn the truth and stand for God’s precepts.

This is a battle of ideas. It is the ideology of Islam against the world. We must understand Islam as a political force. The best way to fight them is to use their own words against them. The best way to do this is to quote from their Sharia law book.

When I quote the Qur’an the apologists say, “that is your interpretation, how do I know you are not lifting that verse out of context?” When I quote from their law book I am quoting the interpretation of Muslim scholars on the subject.

What is Sharia Law

We must first understand that Islam has three sacred texts, the Qur’an, the Hadith, and the Sira. There are two Qur’ans, the early Qur’an from Mecca. And the later Qur’an, and they are very different.

The average Muslim is not ruled by the Qur’an, he is ruled by the traditions of Islam which are found in the Hadith. The Hadith is a series of short stories like “War Is Deceit,” and one where Muhammad says that women have half the intelligence of men.

The important thing about Sharia is that it interprets the Qur’an and the Hadith. When we quote the Sharia Law Book to them it has already been interpreted for us.

I have been on the radio for nearly four years and not once have I been challenged for the materials we put out because we quote from credible news sources, directly out of the Islamic scriptures, or out of their law book. Again I say, the way to fight this battle is to use their words against them.

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