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How To Refute Islam – Part 3

helpful-tipsFirst we need to know that huge portions of the Sharia law text don’t concern us at all. For example, how to do the Muslim prayer. This, and other parts of Sharia are religious laws and don’t affect us.

One of the worst things about Sharia is what it says about those who leave Islam. Sharia calls for the death of the apostate. If you leave Christianity I don’t think they will track you down and kill you, but if you leave Islam that is a very real option.

Pew Research Group did a survey of 38 Muslim countries around the world and found that an average of 28% of all Muslims think that apostates should be killed. I point this out to show that Muslims take Sharia very seriously. It also shows that, like with those who call themselves Christians, that majority of Muslims don’t know or believe the basic teachings of their religion. The difference being that the Muslims who don’t follow Sharia will be killed by those who do if they don’t change.

Even if a Muslim is not killed for converting to Christianity there will be consequences. They will not be able to talk to their family, they will lose their job, they are talked about like trash, and so forth.

The point is that freedom is unknown in Islam. The Muslim is to be a slave to Islam. As a matter of fact, the Arabic language has no word for freedom. They use a word that means you are not a slave.

Many try to tell us that female circumcision is not part of Islam. They are wrong! It is in the Hadith. I find this appalling, but something that is equally appalling is, where are the feminists on this issue?

I mentioned our near enemy earlier, the progressive liberal left. They will support any evil as long as it is by Islam. If we listen to the liberals on issues like this we must be confused. They say they are against the abuse of women, but if we speak out against the abusers of women, Muslims, we are called haters. If we speak out against those who kill people for leaving their religion, Muslims, we are accused of hatred.

Just as a little aside, Christians are accused of killing many in wars. Even if we accept this as true, how many have been killed by atheists in wars in just the last century? There were 77 million killed under Mao, 44 million under Stalin, 22 million under Hitler, just to name a few.

Back on subject, just because Islam has a religion attached to it doesn’t mean it is not evil. Another example of an evil religion is the Aztecs. They killed tens of thousands of people every year in human sacrifice.

Have you ever noticed that those who shout the loudest for freedom of religion for Muslims are those who try the hardest to take the Christian’s freedom from them.

We hear Christians complain about all of the evil in America and say someone should do something about it. Have they ever thought of the fact that they should be the someone? God has called Christians to be salt and light in this world. We need some courage in the pulpits of America. We need pastors and Christians who are willing to stand up and speak out against what is going on. I wrote on this on our blog Friday.

If you join the fight against Islam you will meet some above average people. Why? They are intelligent because they must hear the news from the media and know that they are not telling us everything, they have to be thinkers. You will meet courageous people because they have to be willing to go against the flow. You will meet people with real compassion because they understand that the Muslim is the first victim of Islam.

Using Their Words Against Them

Here is what Islam says to the non-Muslim about jihad:

Jihad .o9.o

Jihad means to war against non-Muslims. It is etymologically derived from the word “mujahadah” signifying warfare to establish the religion.


Those who are able bodied men who have reached puberty and are sane.

This is the legal definition of jihad from the most accepted Sharia Law book in all of Islam, “The Reliance of the Traveller.” It then goes on to say that those who aren’t able to fight perform jihad through those who do by providing support money.

Several months ago we covered a story where ISIS is bottling the blood of Christians that they have killed and are sending it back to Saudi Arabia to their supporters and these supporters are washing their hands in this blood.

The objectives of the jihad are:

Jihad .o9.8

The caliph makes war on Jews and Christians

This is the law of Muhammad. When Americans find out what is in Sharia law they will be astonished. Much of Islamic law has to do with the practice of their religion. We don’t have any problem with that. Freedom of religion is one of the founding principles of our country. Our problem is with the laws that deal with the political aspect of Islam. Those that make non-Muslims second class citizens, those that tell them to war against the non-Muslims, etc. We had better wake up to this before it is too late.

We must use the words of their scholars and legal experts against them. When we do they can’t say that what we are exposing is not the real Islam.

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