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How To Refute Islam – Part 4

helpful-tipsIt is our opinion that the Islam issue is the most serious problem we have in the US today. President Obama will be gone in two years but Islam will be stronger after he leaves.

We need to understand that Islam is not a religion that has come here just to put a mosque on the corner. We have the example of Turkey. Turkey used to be a Christian nation. It is now only 0.03% Christian. What caused this Christianity to disappear? The Sharia! It not only destroyed in in Turkey, it destroyed it in Egypt, in Syria, and most of North Africa. People don’t know that Iraq used to be Christian until Sharia came in. Sharia is like a virus that destroys civilizations. It may take centuries, but destruction is always the result.

At present Islam in America is like stage one cancer. No one ever died of stage one cancer. However, if stage one cancer is not treated it will grow into stage four cancer which kills most people who get it.

Sharia doesn’t just put another church (mosque) on the corner, it annihilates the civilization. It ceases to exist. The seven churches of Asia mention in the Book of Revelation were in Turkey. Where are they today? If we would all stand up together it would be easy to take care of the problem.

There is a principle in Sharia that when a Muslim cannot do what Sharia commands it is not a sin to do what is necessary to survive. Here is an example of what this means. Sharia says that women must wear a head covering. If the work place forbids the wearing of a head covering, the sin lies on the Kafer, the non-Muslim, and not on the Muslim.

The point is that if we simply say no, and mean it, to Sharia it won’t advance. The problem is that we don’t want to say no. We think that if we are nice to them and give in on the small things that will be enough.

When Bill is asked at a meeting if he is afraid he answers like this. I am the only man standing up and everyone sees me. If everyone would stand up I wouldn’t even be noticed. If we all stand against Sharia no one will be in danger.

Churches have an important role to play in solving the problem. The ability to stand depends on our knowledge of the enemy. Churches are a natural school and if churches would start to educate their members on the dangers of Islam the problem would be eliminated.

As we saw from the Sharia texts above, it is not complicated. There really isn’t that much to learn. We don’t have to worry about the correct interpretation because Sharia gives it to us in plane language that even a third grader can understand.

The pulpits of America are filled with nice men who want to do right but let their fear of men keep them from dealing with the hard issues. I have mentioned a study that shows that nine out of ten preachers said that the Bible does deal with the controversial political issues of the day, but only one out of ten preaches about these issues. It also gave the reason. It was the fear of the IRS, the ACLU, and the fear of their congregations. In other words, they fear man more than they fear God.

When we speak of the issue of Islam, we are speaking the truth in love. It is because we have compassion for those who have been taken prisoner by this evil ideology. It is also because we love our nation and don’t want our citizens to lose their freedoms.

How bad does it have to get before we will stand up and fight? In Iraq they are selling Christian women for $350.00 as sex slaves. How bad does it have to get? They bury Christian children alive. How bad does it have to Get? They bring children in front of their parent and ask them to deny Christ. If they won’t they shoot them in front of their parents. They have already cut Christian’s heads of in New Jersey. How bad does it have to get?

We need to be educated on this issue. We need to stand up and fight for what God has given us. This is why Fortress of Faith exists. We could not do this without your help. Join our Army of Ten with a $10.00 monthly gift. It doesn’t take much, just each one doing what he can.

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