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The Foundations of Islam – Part 2

MuhammadThere is a shocking new development in Washington DC. The National Cathedral, a Christian church, has opened its doors to allow Muslims to come in for their Friday prayers. This is the church where national events and special mourning services are held. This is where America goes to seek God in special times of crisis.

This is an important event in the rise of Chrislam, the merging of Christianity and Islam. There is no common ground between Christianity and Islam. The only way for them to be merged is for one or both of them to cease to be what they are and have been historically.

The Foundations of Islam

All of Islam rests on Muhammad. He is the only one who received the revelation from Allah. It is his actions that Muslims are commanded to emulate.

Let me emphasize again the Muslims are taught not to question Islam. On of the reasons for this is that If Muslims were to really delve into Islam they would see how disturbing it was. They would see how inconsistent it is. They would also see the lack of credibility of the Prophet.

The Kaaba Now And Then

The Kaaba, which is the center of Islam today, was the center of pagan worship in Muhammad’s day. Allah was the chief god of the Kaaba. The Kaaba was called the house of Allah. This “god,” in the times before Muhammad, was the overseeing god of the other idols. He was not the monotheistic god of Islam. Hu’abaal like the Baal of the Bible. This god was the moon god. They worshiped the moon god because they worshiped the black stone of the Kaaba.

The pre-Muhammad people of that region would follow pretty much the rituals practiced by Muslims today when they visit the Kaaba. The black stone was known as the moon rock and represented the moon god.

Those of you who know your Bible know that God has admonished us to never worship the sun, the moon, and the stars. We are clearly shown the the worship of pagan gods is the worshiping of the moon god, the sun god, and the stars. Making gods of the celestial objects was not unique to Mecca. What we need to understand from this is that Muhammad and his family were steeped in this pagan worship.

My question is, why was the revelation received by Muhammad so similar to the practices of the pagans at the Kaaba? The only major difference was that when the pagans did what they did they were naked and now the Muslims are in clothed white sheets. They walk around the Kaaba, they rub and kiss the black rock, they believe it can take away their sin, etc.

The Beginning of it All

When it all started Muhammad’s family was worshiping Allah as a false god and he claimed he is going to seek the true god. By this time he is married to a very wealthy woman. He has been trained by his uncles to be a trader. In his travels he went to Syria, which at that time was a very strong Christian nation. As a matter of fact the first translation of the Bible was into Syriac, the language of Syria.

Most people of the region could not read or write. Muhammad was called the unlettered prophet because he could not read or write. After his marriage he was wealthy enough to hire is own scribe to do his reading and writing for him.

Now that he no longer had to work he went and spent a month in a cave seeking the true god. The ideas of being a prophet were being fed to him by his wife. While in the cave he had a visitation by a jin (where we get the word genie), but he was not sure if it was real.

I don’t know of one place in the Bible where a person visited by an angel had any question whether the angel was from God or not. In every case there is a presence and an holiness that comes with the visitation.

Muhammad felt that he was in the presence of a demon, not the presence of an angel. He thought he was demon possessed and he was afraid for his life. In the Bible, when angels visited people, there was fear but the angels consoled them and told them not to fear. This was not the case when the jin visited Muhammad. The jin squeezed Muhammad to the point where he thought he was going to die.

In the Sirah he said, “Never shall the Quraish say of me poet or possessed.” It goes on to say that he went to the top of the mountain to throw himself off to kill himself that he might find rest. Does this sound more like someone who has encountered and angel or like someone who is demon possessed?

Are you beginning to see why Muslims are commanded not to question? They don’t want you looking at the history and the foundation of Islam. If you do you will see that it is demon inspired and not God inspired.

How did Muhammad discern whether it was an angel or a demon? His wife used sex to persuade him that it was an angel and not a demon.

What we have seen here is the greatest weakness of Islam. Everything rests on the revelations received by Muhammad. Everything that is in the Qur’an came from this jin, which quite clearly was a demon and not an angel from God. His messages were contrary to the revelations from angels in the Bible.

Not only was the jin a demon, it was an ant-Christ demonic spirit. It not only directly contradicted the Bible, it contradicted Jesus Christ, Himself.

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