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The Foundations of Islam – Part 4

MuhammadMuhammad started connecting Allah with the Jews. The people of Arabia in that day believed the stories of Abraham, or some form of them, because they were children Abraham through Ishmael. In spite of this, as we indicated earlier, he was thrown out of Mecca when is uncle, who was his protector, died.

The important thing to remember is that while in Medina he turned to the sword. There was a lot of wealth traveling through Arabia and he had to fund is movement because he lost all of his wealth when he was kicked out of Mecca. There was a major trade route that came through the area and he started attacking these caravans. Isn’t it convenient when god tells you to do this. If god told them to do it then they must obey.

He told his followers that god had told him they were to deal with these unbelievers and idolaters in this manner. When you are the only one receiving revelation you can conveniently get whatever revelation you need to justify anything. This is were the idea of converting them to their faith or killing them started.

As you can see, convert or die is in the DNA of Islam. This is how the religion grew, and it is only because of the treat of death under the apostasy laws that has kept the religion alive.

As a result of the new tactics Muhammad developed a great following. His followers grew to over 100,000. It is amazing what you can do with a sword.

There were three Jewish tribes in Medina who refused to recognize him as a prophet. Two of the tribes left, but one stayed in Medina. At what is called the battle of the trenches Muhammad supervised the beheading of six to nine hundred Jews out of this tribe. Does this make you think about what is happening today with ISIS? Some would have us believe that these are just a minority of radicals. No, this is in the DNA of Islam.

This tribe of Jews surrendered to Muhammad with a guarantee of safe passage out of Medina. Muhammad broke that guarantee. This is why many Muslims will make a treaty and then break it before the ink is dry. We saw this with Yassar Arafat. He would sign a treaty to take the pressure off of him and then break it at the earliest opportunity. We also saw this during the recent combat in Gaza. Hamas would agree to a cease fire and break it within hours. They are following the example of their Prophet.

He then turns his sights on Mecca. He first made a treaty with Mecca and then broke it. He slaughtered many on his return to Mecca. He threw 359 of the 360 idols out of the Kaaba. He kept the idol of his tribe, the black stone, the moon god. Have you ever wondered why the moon is the symbol for Islam and why it is on almost all Islamic flags?

One of the contradictions of Islam is that it is so adamant against worshiping idols that they don’t even have pictures of Muhammad. In spite of this it has kept the black stone. Why? Again, Muhammad changed the story. Now the stone is the stone upon which Abraham was going to sacrifice Ismael. Muslims are required to go on the hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca. When they do they try their best to get to the corner of the Kaaba where the black stone is. They are taught to believe that if they can just touch it they might have their sins forgiven. This is exactly what the idol worshipers did prior to Islam.

We can see that from its very root Islam is pagan. From its very root it is demonic. From its very root it is Baal worship. Muhammad thought he was demon possessed. The Qur’an is a fabrication by Muhammad and is not reliable in any sense. Why is it that Muslims follow this religion? It is either that they don’t know the facts, they have been told not to question, or they are afraid of the penalties for leaving Islam.

As those of you who follow Fortress of Faith know, one of our major goals is to reach Muslims for Christ. How can we reach them if we don’t know the truth about their history.

What we have talked about in this article is a criminal offense in Europe. We would probably go to jail for saying these things.

For Islam to succeed in its quest for world conquest this information must be kept from the people, especially from Muslims. When one becomes a Christian he is given all kinds of tools to study the Bible. There are software, tools to go to the original languages even if you don’t read them, dictionaries, and other tools because they want you to know what God has to say.

Christians are commanded to study the Word of God. We are told to hid God’s Word in our hearts. In Islam they are told not to question it and to trust what the Imams say. They say that the Qur’an can only be understood in Arabic, a language that the vast majority of Muslims don’t understand.

Where does Islam grow? It is in that part of the world where 2/3 of the people are illiterate. They can’t study things out for themselves.

Originally the Qur’an was not written down. It was memorized by a few who told others what it said. Muslims are just to obey. Remember Islam means submit. Conform to what we tell you. Don’t ask any questions, just do it.

As we have said, Muhammad is the key to understanding Islam. He was driven by sex and power. Imagine Hitler with a god. This is the kind of man Muhammad really was. He was anything but a godly man.

Next week we will look more into the life of Muhammad and talk about another influence on Muhammad, the Ebonites. He sat under one of the Ebonite priests in Arabia. We will see how he blends all of these things together into the religion of Islam.

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