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Lawfare At Work

free-speech-banWe had Ezra Levant on today’s broadcast. Ezra is a conservative broadcaster, journalist, and commentator in Canada. I refer to him as the Sean Hannity of Canada.

He took on the issue of the Danish cartoons. There is a lot more to the story of the cartoons that is generally known. The Muslims were printing pictures that they said were the cartoons printed in the Danish newspaper and they were not. The actual cartoons that were published did not outrage the Muslims, it was false cartoons published by the Muslim clerics that were the cause of the outrage.

Muslim are using what we call “lawfare” to take the freedom of speech away from those of us in the West. Lawfare is warfare using our own laws and our own courts against us to destroy our freedoms and bring in Shariah law.

When a person’s arguments are not strong enough to win a debate they often attack the person and try to shut down the debate. The Muslims are taking to our courts and suing those who tell the truth about Islam. They will keep it up until an individual runs out of money to defend himself.

Ezra’s story is a warning for us here in America. Canada does not have our First Amendment and it shows us what could happen here if we don’t defend our Bill of Rights.

The Danish cartoon story started Ezra’s campaign to ensure that they didn’t bring Sharia law into Canada by the back door using censorship laws. The law suit over the Danish cartoons was, in a sense, a prosecution for blasphemy because some Muslims hold that it is blasphemy to show an image of Muhammad.

Ezra was sued by the former youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress because he had written about him 6 years ago on his blog telling how he had tried to censor Mark Stine here in America. Mark Stine had written about radical Islam in a Canadian magazine so this Congress took him to the Human Rights Commission to censor him. This law suit was the result of the Congress trying to censor Ezra.

Last week he lost the law suit. He was ordered to pay this former youth president $80,000 plus legal costs. Here are the reasons he called him and anti-Semite:

  • Ezra had said that he was the youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress
  • The Congress is an anti-Semite organization
  • It calls for the legalization of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah
  • Their leader went on TV and said that any adult Jew as a legitimate target for terrorism
  • Based on his position as youth president I said he was anti-Semitic

The judge ruled this was not allowed because he was expressing a fact and not an opinion and the connection wasn’t strong enough. She said it was a statement of fact that was not proved even though he was a leader in this anti-Semitic organization. This should be extremely disturbing to anyone who wants to speak the truth about Islam or any other  political ideology.

If you want to read the whole judgment for themselves you can do so at

Paragraph 166 of the decision says:

paragraph-166Notice that the fact that Ezra’s statement was based upon facts didn’t matter. He was not allowed to call the man an anti-Semite because he stated it as a fact and not an opinion. This gives a legal weapon to Islamic extremists to take out the watchdogs of our Western civilization.

I hope you understand how critical this is. We have a lot of Canadian listeners to our broadcast who tell me they are afraid to speak out because of things like this. This is censorship, and if we don’t win this battle we will lose the war against radical Islam.

This is happening in Canada because they don’t have our First Amendment. They are trying to do the same thing in America using our hate crime laws.

To show this in its true light, imagine a Christian suing in court because an atheist had insulted Christianity. It would be laughed out of court. The idea that the court would silence or censor the atheist is unthinkable.

The comments that brought this law suit were on Ezra’s personal blog. He doesn’t have a large company with deep pockets behind him. For the sake of freedom of speech he must appeal this ruling. We ask those who follow Fortress of Faith, both in Canada and in America, to help Ezra financially in this important effort if they are able to do so. We cannot allow the precedent to be set.

We will continue on this subject tomorrow.

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Updated: December 4, 2014 — 8:10 AM
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