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Lawfare At Work – Part 3

free-speech-banWe have been looking at the subject of lawfare this week. This is where Muslims are using our laws to make warfare against our freedoms and culture.

In North America we value our freedoms. The Canadians don’t have the same laws concerning freedoms that we do in the US. This makes it a little easier for the Muslims in Canada, and this is why they are a little further down the road than we are in the US.

If we look at Islamic countries we see that freedom is almost non-existent. You can’t even choose your own religion. If you are not a Muslim you are considered an enemy of the state and you will be forced to live in subjection or even be killed.

We have our freedoms because our society is based upon the principles of Christianity. We must stand up for these principles if we want to keep them.

Today we are going to look at some examples of how Muslims are using lawfare to change our culture and take away our freedoms.

In Canada the National Counsel of Canadian Muslims, Canada’s equivalent of CAIR in the US, sued the Prim Minister for saying that this organization is a terrorist linked organization. At least the Prim Minister has the resources of the government to defend himself. The expenses don’t have to come from his personal pocket as we saw with Ezra Levant yesterday.

Both the Counsel of Canadian Muslims and CAIR are Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Even some Muslim countries have them on their terrorist lists.

For years CAIR has tried to hide their terrorist connections. This is no longer so. They have recently sponsored demonstrations for Hamas in cities across America, and in those demonstrations the people have been shouting “We are Hamas, we are jihad.”

Those in America who think we are not facing the same thing because of our freedoms given in the Bill of Rights. This is not so and I want to give you some examples of Muslims using the US courts to try to destroy our freedoms. They are using our courts to try to make our laws Sharia compliant.

In Florida a Muslim Disney Land employee sued Disney for not allowing her to wear her hijab, her head scarf. Disney has a uniform policy for those who work in the public eye. They did not fire her, they just wanted her to work in the background where her hijab would not affect the image they want to portray. She wanted to flaunt her religion in front of Disney Land visitors.

The problem with lawfare is that when companies are sued their lawyers tell them that it is less expensive to settle than to fight the case in court. This capitulation gives weight to the Muslims and causes other to continue the process. They think that if they give them some money it will all go away. It will not because this is part of their strategy to make our laws Sharia compliant.

Muslims sued a gym in New Mexico over the head covering issue, alleging racial and religious discrimination. Abercrombie & Fitch paid $71,000 to settle a suit over their employees wearing hijabs. The hijab compromised the image they wanted to portray for their brand.

The next area they are attacking concerns our dietary practices. Muslims sued a Mac Donald’s in Dearborn MI, the Muslim capital of America, over halal chicken. Mac Donald’s had advertised halal chicken nuggets. There was a technicality on how the chickens were slaughtered in some of the plants that supplied them. Mac Donald’s paid $700,000 to settle. The result is that Mac Donald’s has completely remove halal chick from their menu.

Another case happened in Oakland CA where Mac Donald’s had to pay $50,000 because they required an employee to have a trimmed beard. Islamic law says you have to trim your moustache, but not your beard.

In Washington State a Muslim sued a university for firing him because he would not conform to the uniform code. he was a security officer and they required him to trim his beard. He sued the university and won.

Again, in Washington State, there were rental car shuttle drivers who wanted to pray during work hours. The company said OK but you will have to clock out during your prayer time. they sued the company and the company capitulated by settling out of court because it cost less than fighting it in court.

The way lawfare works in the US is that once these cases are on the books it creates what is called precedence. This means that these cases become part of the consideration by other judges in their judgments. this is what lawfare is all about. Their goal is to slowly wear us down and shape our nation into an Islamic society.

If we want to preserve our American way of life which is under attack by Muslims through cultural jihad we must stand up and fight. This is why ministries like Fortress of Faith and the TIL Project are so important. This also underscores the importance of Christians being on their knees before God with repentant hearts, seeking His face. If God doesn’t intervene I fear that our freedoms and our nation will be lost.

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