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Lawfare At Work – Part 4

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I also want to thank you for the many letters and emails I get from you. They are such an encouragement. It is knowing how our ministry is helping you that keeps me going.

On Saturday at 2:00 pm we got attacked on our website again. They did not hack the site, but they overwhelmed it with so much traffic that the servers could not handle it and our hosting company had to suspend it. I am glad to say that it is up and running again and we are hiring a company to help us with this problem. This is just another reason that your support is so important. Getting the kind of security we need is not free.

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Now let me get to the main subject for the day. I want to talk more to you about lawfare.

Last week we had Ezra Levant on our broadcasts. He is a journalist in Canada who has had to fight this thing we call lawfare. He has had to fight law suits by Muslim groups simply because he is speaking the truth about Islam. This is how lawfare works. They us the courts to fight their war to destroy our society.

I want to give you some more examples of this kind of attacks, but before I do let me say that Ezra was found guilty of libel for saying that a Muslim who was the youth president of a Muslim group that has a very strong anti-semitic background was anti-semitic. This is what happens when someone speaks out against Islam. They will take them to court. They don’t care if they win our lose, they just want to distract, to use up their financial resources, and to make everyone afraid to speak out.

This group, the Canadian Islamic Congress, even sued the Canadian Prim Minister for listing it as associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist group. It doesn’t matter if you are telling the truth, they will take you to court to try to silence you if you speak against them.

The difference between the suit against Ezra and the suit against the Prim Minister is that the Prim Minister has the resources of the government to defend him and Ezra has to fight this out of his own pocket. This is why Ezra is trying to raise money to help in his appeal. If you can help go to his website,

Islam does not fit with the freedoms of Western culture so the Muslims are using our laws and our freedoms to modify our culture to make it fit.

In Florida a Muslim Disney Land employee sued Disney for not allowing her to wear her hijab, her head scarf. Disney has a uniform policy for those who work in the public eye. They did not fire her, they just wanted her to work in the background where her hijab would not affect the image they want to portray. She wanted to flaunt her religion in front of Disney Land visitors so she sued.

In another example a Muslim sued a gym in New Mexico over the head covering issue, alleging racial and religious discrimination. The gym maintained that the equipment could not be operated safely while wearing a hijab because it could be caught in the machinery.

Abercrombie & Fitch paid $71,000 to settle a suit over their employees wearing hijabs. The hijab compromised the image they wanted to portray for their brand.

Muslims sued a Mac Donald’s in Dearborn MI, the Muslim capital of America, over halal chicken. Mac Donald’s had advertised halal chicken nuggets. There was a technicality on how the chickens were slaughtered in some of the plants that supplied them. Mac Donald’s paid $700,000 to settle. The result is that Mac Donald’s has completely remove halal chick from their menu.

Another case happened in Oakland CA where Mac Donald’s had to pay $50,000 because they required an employee to have a trimmed beard. Islamic law says you have to trim your mustache, but not your beard.

In Washington State a Muslim sued a university for firing him because he would not conform to the uniform code. he was a security officer and they required him to trim his beard. He sued the university and won.

Federal government sued a Minnesota city for rejecting a proposed Islamic denter — Department of Justice (DOJ) took a stand against a 2012 decision by the St. Anthony City Council to deny a conditional use permit to the Abu Huraira Islamic Center

A city in New Jersey is going to pay 7.5 million dollars toward the building of a mosque. I will be talking about this in another article because it is so important. Again, this is the result of a law suit against the city.

Our problem is not with Muslims as individuals. Our problem is with Islam. Although Islam is a religion, it is much more than just a religion. We have laws in America that guarantee the freedom of religion. This means that unless there is an zoning law that prohibits the building of religious structures, including churches, we cannot stop Muslims from building mosques in a given area. We cannot stop it simply because we don’t like the religion it represents.

We need to understand that we can’t ask the government to pass laws prohibiting a religion we don’t like, even if it is Islam, because if we do we allow the government to restrict our religion also. This is what they tried to do in New Jersey and now they have to pay out this large sum of money. As a result the Muslims don’t have to pay to build the mosque, the city is paying for it.

This is the result of trying to violate one of the religious protections we have in America. We need to understand that they are going to use our laws against us to destroy our society. We need to learn how to deal with these things. In tomorrow’s post we will talk about how to handle these types of situations.

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