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Lindt Chocolate targeted because it is not Halal

Lindt Chocolate targeted because it is not Halal?

There is growing suspicion that the Jihadi attack at the Lindt Chocolate cafe in Sydney was because Lindt Chocolate is not Halal.

The Daily Mail reports that a week ago, a social media campaign was started in Britain to boycott Cadbury’s chocolate because the company has yielded to the pressure of Muslims to make their products Halal compliant.  (It’s true, google Cadbury’s Halal chocolate and see the long list of Halal chocolate products.)

Some boycotters of Cadbury’s chocolate were recommending others to give their business to Lindt Chocolate as they have not knelt at the altar of Islam and made their Chocolate Halal compliant.

What makes chocolate Halal?  It must not contain any animal fats, gelatin or alcohol. Any machinery used to make the chocolate cannot be cleaned with an alcohol product as it could contaminate the chocolate.  It cannot be packaged in anything that uses glue from animal product that is haram (forbidden) as that could contaminate the chocolate.

I have found that there are a couple of products that Lindt has made that is Halal and that is their White and Dark Truffles.  This might be simply coincidence and not by design.  Many of the products that Lindt produces are considered haram or not halal compliant.

The companies that have knelt at the altar of Shariah compliance are Cadbury’s and Hershey.  They both have produced a long list of items that are certified as Halal.  However, Cadbury’s displays their list on their website.  Companies that are not bending and standing against the political correctness are: Lindt, Godiva, Whiteman’s, Ghirardelli and Nestle.  There may be more, I am just not aware of them.

On a side note, Chocolate companies grew with the discovery of the cocoa bean in the 1800’s.  Britain led the way and the great Chocolatiers who smoothed the bitter taste of chocolate by making milk chocolate were all Quakers.  Cadbury, Roundtree, Bourneville, Fry, Terry’s.

Most of the cocoa beans were harvested on the backs of slaves in the 1800’s.  These Quakers were abolitionist because of their faith and refused to get their cocoa from slave labor even though it would be detrimental to their business.  They stood on good moral ground and God rewarded them and made their businesses flourished.

It is a shame that the leaders of Cadbury’s today will not take a similar stand but instead has bent to the political correctness of our day.

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Updated: December 16, 2014 — 5:15 PM
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