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A Glossary of Islamic Terms – Part 7

Muslim_Brotherhood_LogoWe touched on some of these last week as we covered some to the other points like the 5 pillars of Islam. So, because of time, we will cherry pick the most important ones for the rest of this article.

Sharia means the pathway. In practice is is Islamic law. It is their legal system that governs every aspect of the Muslim’s life. It not only covers their religious law, it also covers their system of government, their financial system, social system, education system, etc.

Sharia is the part of Islam that is the most dangerous. If allowed to grow in the West it will destroy our whole way of life. It is what moves the Muslims to perform jihad and to kill unbelievers.

In America we have a constitution that we are supposed to follow. It is the basic law of the land. In Islam Sharia is the basic law of the land. The religious components of Sharia are very few. There is no separation of mosque and state in Islam. When Islam took over Iran it set up a Sharia government. The same thing is happening in Turkey, in Pakistan, in Saudi Arabia, it is what started to happen in Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood tried to take over.

In the West many say we should just let Muslims follow their religion freely. We cannot because if they follow all of the teachings of Islam they must institute Sharia for non-Muslims. Part of the teaching of Sharia is that they must bring non-Muslims under submission.

An example of this is seen in Europe where Muslims are trying to force all schools to serve Halal meat. This is part of Sharia. They are demanding that men and women be segregated in schools, which is also part of Sharia. When they demand that someone like Shahram who has left Islam must be killed, that is Sharia. When Muslims try to shut down churches because they sing hymns with the windows open or restaurants because when they cook bacon the smell offends Muslims, that is Sharia. When Muslims say you can’t criticize Islam, even though we have free speech laws, that is Sharia.

We have freedom of religion laws in America so we must separate the religious component of Islam from the legal component. If they want to pray 5 times a day, if they want to go to their mosque, if they want to eat their halal food, fine, that is their right in America, but we can’t let them impose their religion or their Sahara law on the rest of us.

People need to know that our courts are vulnerable to Sharia being introduced by judges giving consideration to foreign laws in their judgments. This is why there is an initiative to pass state laws that limit American courts to American laws. We have written on the subject in other posts. This movement wants to forbid the consideration of foreign laws by American courts of those laws violate our guaranteed constitutional rights.

There are only about 8 states that have passed this kind of law. This means that there are 42 states that are still vulnerable to Sharia being introduced into their legal system.

Organizations like CAIR claim that they don’t want to instill Sharia in America but we can see that this is not true because they are actively opposing all efforts to keep Sharia out of our courts. They claim that it is islomophobic and that it is anti-constitutional.

The danger comes through what is called legal precedence. When one judge rules in a given way, another judge can use the precedence set by this ruling in his judgment.

The last word I want to look at today is Shirk. Shirk is the greatest sin in Islam, it is considered blasphemy. It is taking something and making it equal with God. Islam teaches that this is what Christians have done. They say we have taken a man, Jesus, and elevated Him to the position of God.

This is not what Christianity teaches at all. Christianity teaches that God became a man. One of the names given to Jesus is Emanuel, which means God with us.

The sad part is that Islam is deceiving 1.8 million people. That is 25% of the world’s population. One in four people in this world is a Muslim and they have been told that Jesus is not God. They are also told that Jesus did not die on the cross. If this is your view of Jesus then you don’t have the Gospel and you cannot be saved without it. The Devil has deceived these people and we must do all we can to reach Muslims for Christ. This is one of the major goals for Fortress of Faith and the TIL Project.

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