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Barbary Pirate War – Part 1

USS-Enterprise-barbary-warToday, and for the next few days, we will be talking about the first war that America fought on foreign soil. It may surprise you that this war was with Islam. We had a special guest, Dr. Chuck Harding, on our broadcast this week and most of this information come from his study.

We are on 40 new stations this week. We are not on the Fundamental Broadcasting Network and we have been picked up by a couple of new station in Florida also. We will undoubtedly have some new readers so I want to start out with an introduction of Shahram Hadian, my co-host for our Saturday broadcasts.

It is our hope that through the ministry of Fortress of Faith you will learn some important things about Islam. Islam is our enemy. It has declared war on the West. Note that I didn’t say Muslims, I said Islam. We need to make this distinction.

Shahram Hadian fled from Iran in 1979 and came to America to seek peace and freedom. He found more than that, he found the truth about Jesus and got saved. Today, he is a preacher and he has been running for political office as a strong conservative. His last bid was to run for Governor of the State of Washington.

Growing up as a Muslim, Shahram had not guarantee of salvation. He didn’t know a true, loving God. He didn’t know the God of the Bible. He didn’t know the Christ of Scripture.

Shahram never fails to thank the person who shared their faith with him. The message of the Gospel was offensive to him, but he praises God they this person had the courage to confront him with the message of the Gospel. The message pierced his heart and brought him to Christ.

His life was totally changed. He has been a Christian pastor for the past 13 years. He also has a ministry called the Truth In Love Project.

Shahram has become a good friend and I value his insight into Islam. You can check out his website

We need to understand that Muslims are the greatest victims of Islam. While we must resist Islam in every way, we must also love Muslims enough to make every effort to reach them for Christ. Islam is evil, demonic, destructive and is a religion of death.

When Shahram was saved 15 years ago he never imagined that we would see what is happening in the world today. As bad as things are we, as Christians, can overcome. The Word of God says that ultimately we will overcome.

I want to introduce myself to those of you who are new to the ministry of Fortress of Faith also. I am a former missionary. I grew up on the mission field as a missionary kid. I spent 29 years of my life in Europe. I grew up with Muslims.

America is not aware of how many Muslims have moved into Europe. They are not aware of the rate of growth though the high birth rate of Muslims.

I grew up around the westernized Muslims and saw how they work to change the culture and overthrow a nation from within. God has called me back to America to warn this country of the efforts of Islam to do here what it has done in Europe.

I believe that what is happening is God’s judgment because of our sin. God is using Islam as an instrument of judgment and we need to resist it. Don’t blame Muslims for Islam. Muslims are victims of Islam and they need to be rescued. They need to be brought to Christ. The answer to the problem of Islam is in the Word of God.

America is beginning to wake up to some of the issues of Islam. What started the awakening was 9/11 in 2001. Many Christians think that our battle with Islam began. Most Americans are not aware of our history of conflict with Islam.

Dr. Chuck Harding was on our broadcast today. He used to work in the government. He was the Deputy Commander for the Diplomatic Securities Service at the State Department. He now heads up a ministry called Awake America.

Dr. Harding was save at the age of 21. He was a first generation Christian. He led his dad to the Lord when he was in his sixties. His mother had been saved when she was 12 in a Baptist church but she had never been baptized. At his encouragement she did get baptized in a Baptist church and started to grow in Christ.

His father gave him a love for history. As a result he was always an avid student of history.

He had the privilege of working with what is called the Uniform Protective Branch along with the Diplomatic Security Service. We protected the physical facilities of many annexes In Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

He always wondered why God had put him in this position. Years later when he started his present ministry he understood because it had given him important insights about our government that most people don’t get.

He resigned and went into the private sector for a while as a security consultant. God has now called him to a God and Country ministry. His ministry endeavors to accomplish five things.

1. Get people educated

2. Get people engaged with their government – This is a very biblical thing. Where people ever got the notion that the separation of church and state means to stay out of involvement with the government is a mystery. From the Bible, our Constitution, and history we see that the people of God have always been involved in government.

3. Entreat God;s mercy upon our country because we are in a judgment phase because our nation has departed from God.

4. Encourage others to do the same

5. The Bottom line is that we might have the soul liberty to evangelize. That we might have the freedom and the courage to take the message of the Gospel and our Saviour Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world that they might have the assurance that they will go to Heaven and spend eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Harding has a great ministry. Visit his site using the link above and get involved with turning this nation back to God.

Dr. Harding’s ministry has produced a DVD dealing with the Barbary Pirates.

The Barbary Powers War lasted 32 years, involved six years of active overseas warfare against the Muslim people, and spanned four U.S. Presidencies. In the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Muslim Barbary corsairs, dispatched and commissioned from the surrounding Muslim nations, attacked unprotected American shipping. They plundered our cargo and captured our crews, women, and children and sold them into horrendous slavery…never to be heard of again. America decided to put a stop to this barbarianism after four Muslim countries declared war on the United States.

Few today in our country have ever heard of this war. The Barbary Powers War is being swept away into America’s forgotten history, when it should not be so. This war shows how extremist Muslims and Muslim terrorists have always been the enemy of America.

This is a piece of history that is not being taught in our schools. It is an essential part of understanding one of the essential aspects of Islam. Islam is a religion of the sword. When people tell you that Islam is a religion of peace it doesn’t pass the test of historical fact. We see the violence of Islam from the time of its inception and yet we are being sold the lie that it is a religion of peace. What is amazing is that it is accepted by so many intelligent people.

The Barbary Pirate War

In the beginning of our nation, import/export was a very important part of our livelihood. We had our merchant ships which sailed in international waters. Each nation owns the waters to a certain distance from their shores, but the rest of the seas are international waters and can be used by everyone.

The Muslim pirates were coming out ot the Muslim nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and attacking our merchant ships. They were attacking with very fast ships with a lot of fire power. There was no defense against them. They were not only confiscating our goods, they were arresting and enslaving the people on the ships.

This was something that was of great detriment to our fledgling nation because it was cutting of the lifeline of our import/export trade.

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