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Barbary Pirate War – Part 4

USS-Enterprise-barbary-warSome of the Battles  of the Barbary Pirates War

After studying Islam and having the experience with them, Thomas Jefferson said, “Not one penny for tribute, but millions for defense.” He had come to the conclusion that the only way we can deal with Islam is with force. We can’t negotiate with Islam because Islam has declared war on anything outside Islam. They believe that this is the commandment they have from Allah and their Prophet.

We started out by paying tribute to the Muslims. When you do this you teach that their tactics work. You encourage more of the same.

The Navy and the Marines were finally sent in. Here are some of those battles:

One very interesting battles was fought on October 31, 1803. The Philadelphia, a war ship with 307 sailors was forced to surrender when it floundered on a reef close to Tripoli. The ship became part of Tripoli’s navy as a prize of war. February 16, 1804 Steven Decatur with 67 volunteers aboard a ship called the Intrepid attack in a very daring way the former Philadelphia as it is at anchor in the harbor and set it ablaze. Britain’s Lord Nelson call the attack the most bold and daring act of the age.

On April 25, 1804 William Eaton acted without authority saying he would ask for forgiveness later, began a military campaign against the Barbary regime by demanding the surrender of Darna with the second largest port after Tripoli. The Marines then attacked by land and won one of the decisive battles of the war.

Every time we would get a treaty with one of the Muslim nations around the Mediterranean they would break it at the earliest convenience. The last time they broke a treaty the British helped us out and bombarded them into submission.

It is humorous to not that the USS Bainbridge was dispatched to take care of some modern Muslim pirates a few years ago. It was named after a very noted commander named Bainbridge during the Barbary Powers war.

Some of the battles with the Barbary Pirates began with some of our most famous ships. The US Constitution, the USS Constellation, the USS Enterprise, got their commission at this time and their first battles were in the Barbary Pirate war.

Something of note is that the Muslims would make treaties and then break them. This has been a common theme with Islam since the beginning. They are following the example of their Prophet, Muhammad. This should lead us to the understanding that treaties don’t work with Islam. This comes from the teaching of the Qur’an and from the example of history. Islam has a long line of deception, lies, and the breaking of treaties. Treaties are something they do to try to gain the advantage by getting the enemy to drop his guard.

I might point out that it is Hamas that has broken the cease fire agreements with Israel every time. Knowing the history of Islam, this should not have been a surprise to us.

It is sad that most Americans don’t know that our first battles were against Islam. We are still struggling with the issue of Islam. We had success back then because our leaders were willing to study the enemy and learn how it thinks. Today we are unwilling to do this and we may win some battles, but we are losing the war.

We are not being honest about our enemy and until we do, until we admit that the enemy is Islam itself, we will not and cannot win. Our founders understood and sent in the Marines to deal with the problem.

Concluding Thoughts

One thing we have learned from history is that we are not students of history. If we are not students of history, if we don’t study the successes and the failures of history, we are doomed to failure.

We must understand the history is His Story. It is Jehovah God’s story. In history we learn how god has raised up and cast down nations. To refuse to learn the lessons of history is stupid. We must not be stupid people.

Islam has been at war with America since our founding. We, as Christians, realize that Islam is an antichrist spirit, a spirit that denies Christ. It denies the Father, it denies the Holy Spirit and there is not common ground between Islam and Christianity. They are complete opposites.

Islam is a threat to the very fabric of Christianity and, therefore, must be defeated. At the same time we must understand that Muslims are victims of Islam and we must have the courage to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them that they might be saved. This is where our churches are failing. This is where many of our missionaries are failing. They are trying to embrace and love Islam instead of loving the Muslim enough to bring him out of this demonic religion.

Our nation is off course because our leaders refuse to understand the treat. Many of our churches and missionaries are off course because they don’t understand the threat and don’t want to engage it. There are many pastors who will not say anything negative about Islam thinking that this is the way to reach them.

Muslims cannot be reached until we wake them up to the errors of Islam and to the truths of the Christian message. If, as many are teaching, Allah and Jehovah are the same God, why would they need to leave Islam an embrace Christianity?

When we speak out against Islam, or any other false teaching, we are accused of being divisive. Listen to Luke 12;51:

Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:

It will surprise some of you to learn that Christ came to bring division. John 7:43 tells us:

So there was a division among the people because of him.

Again, in John 10:19 it says:

There was a division therefore again among the Jews for these sayings.

What were these saying? One of them is found in John 14:6 which says:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Light separates from darkness, salt separates from purification. The world says there are different ways to reach God. It says there is truth in all religions. God says there is one way, and that way is Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh.

Although it is not a perfect reflection, the liberty we have in America is a reflection of the heavenly liberty we have in Jesus Christ. It is this heavenly liberty that is the basis of our national liberty. Any affront to our civic liberty is an affront to our God.

If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. It is time to wake up!

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