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UAE Declares CAIR To Be A Terrorist Organization

Before I get in to the subject for today let me give you a couple of links that will give you insight into the mentality of Muslims.

What is being taught in the mosques.

What a Muslim mother thinks about her child being a martyr.

Now let’s look at the subject for today>

NaziSaluteToday I want to say a few words about the Obama Administration’s defense of CAIR (Counsel on American Islamic Relations). This group has been placed on the UAE’s list of terrorist groups and the Administration is pretending that it doesn’t know why.

Just before Christmas the Administration had a press conference saying that there is no evidence of a relationship between CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. Those of you who follow Fortress of Faith know that this relationship exists because we have documented it both on our broadcasts and on our website.

The reason this should be of concern to us is that CAIR and other similar groups are routinely invited to the White House do discuss policy. We have documented the connection between CAIR and groups like Hamas. Is it any wonder that this Administration seems to think Israel is the bad guy in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with this kind of advisors?

The fact that this Administration is saying they can find no evidence of connection to terrorism with groups like CAIR cannot be due to ignorance. I don’t see how it cannot be a deliberate attempt to obscure the truth. Here is a clip of the State Department trying to show their ignorance of why CAIR is on the UAE’s terrorist list.

What is interesting is that even Islamic states are calling CAIR a terrorist organization. The UAE is not a Sharia state, but it is Islamic and it sees the danger. Why is it that this Administration is just “trying to find out” why Muslim states are calling this type of organization terrorist groups?

It seems like this Administration is in bed with these groups. If they are this borders on treason. They are aiding those who have said their goal is to destroy our way of life and have the Islamic flag flying over the White House.

It is my prayer that what is happening will open the eyes of the American people. It is my hope that upon realizing what is happening the American people will rise up and stop it.

We have had John Guandolo on our broadcasts in the past. He was with the FBI and he, and others like him who see the problem, have been pushed out by this Administration. Anyone who sees a connection between Islam and terrorism will be removed from any position in this Administration. If they are not part of it, they will put out any propaganda to try and destroy them.

Even military officers who have warned of the problem have been removed. Someone put it this way. “A coup d’etat is already going on.”
We are going to cover more on this issue in upcoming broadcasts and articles. We will talk more about the connection between the Muslim Broadcasting and President Obama. We will show the connection with CAIR and Chicago and how CAIR has moved its headquarters to within just a few blocks of the the White House.

This Administration is opening doors for our enemy by palling around with Islamic groups like CAIR. One very important door they are opening is the door into our schools. They are after our children and our young people. It started with the Muslim Student Association. They now have curriculum in our schools. This is what we will be talking about in the remainder of this newsletter.

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