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Islam In Our Schools – Part 3

indoctrinationLast night thousands went to the streets in cities across Europe and here in the US to stand in solidarity with those who were slain in one of the publications, Charlie Hebdo, by Islamic militants yesterday. These three terrorists attacked with military precision because this publication had dared attack Islam. This publication has not been free from controversy. It pokes fun and everything that is sacred no matter what religion it is. They have taken a lot of shots at Christianity in very tasteless forms.

There is a very great difference between Christianity and Islam. When someone mocks our Christian faith, even when it is vile, we don’t shoot them or bomb their facilities. This is often the response of Muslim when even the slightest negative thing is said about them.

I realize that not all Muslims do this, but if you are going to be a good Muslim and follow the teachings of Muhammad and “fight those who believe not,” (Surah 9:29) you will do this kind of thing. It will be your goal to bring all unbelievers in to subjugation to Islam or kill them. This is what the teachings of Muhammad command Muslims to do. When we see this type of activity happening around the world we need to understand that those who do this are simply following the teachings of the Prophet of Islam. He did these things himself.

When are we going to say enough is enough? When are our leaders and the news commentators going to connect the dots and realize that the common denominator is Islam. Until the truth is admitted there will be no end to this kind of thing.

One of the terrorists has surrendered and two are still at large. One of them has already been in prison for terrorist activities.

We will keep our eyes on this and let you know of any further developments. For now let’s continue with the subject of Islam in our schools.

Islam is not only coming into our schools through the curriculum, it is being forced upon our children through other ways. The schools are starting to celebrate Muslim holidays and Muslim children are given preferential treatment.

Mayor De Blasio of New York has been in the headlines a lot lately because of the assassination of two police officers. We must point out that this was done by a Muslim convert. The police have been turning their backs to him because of comments he made about racism in the police force.

When De Blasio was a candidate he said that he believed that schools should be closed on Muslim holidays, especially Eid al-Fitr, the feast at the end of Ramadhan, Eid al-Adha which celebrates the Hadj. He wants Muslim children to be exempt from school, tests, etc. for these holidays.

Every effort is being made to make our schools Sharia compliant. This is not just in New York. It is being advocated across the spectrum of Common Core.

An example of the double standard for Muslims is seen in the law in Washington State which makes being absent for more than two weeks, including holidays, is considered being truant. This does not apply to Muslims who go on the Hadj.

Why is it that so many non-Muslims are so willing to bend over backward to accommodate Muslims? The reason is that we are afraid. We are afraid of the violence, the push-back, the labels and so forth.

We need some people who will stand up for our freedoms and our way or life. There was a Marine who stood against making his daughter being taught these things. As a result he has been banned from the school.

Marine John Kevin Wood, and his wife, Melissa, are suing La Plata High School in Maryland over the Islamic indoctrination of their 11th-grade daughter in her World History class. Their daughter was required to complete assignments where she had to affirm that “There is no god but Allah” and the other Five Pillars of Islam.

The reason this is so important is that according to Islam when you say “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger” you have converted to Islam.

This marine fought on the battlefield to protect us from this. Thank God he has the courage to fight for our freedoms here in our court system also. This is the only way we are going to be able to fight this enemy in their cultural jihad.

If you are a parent with children in school, go to the school board and demand to see the textbooks, demand to see the curriculum. Don’t take this lying down. You will have to do this every year if you want to stop this onslaught of Islam in our schools. If we don’t have the courage to stand up and oppose what they are doing our way of life and our freedoms will be lost.

As Christians we need to be involved in the civic process. We need to get Christians on the school boards. We need to vote in all elections as Christians and we need to know where the candidates stand on all issues. We need to vote righteousness rather than personal gain. If we put righteous people in political offices God will take care of the personal gain.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

We need to bring control of the education system back to the local level where we as parents can control it. If we don’t stop this now they are going to Islamasize our schools, which is what they are trying to do.

Our children are our most precious assets. We need to protect them from the indoctrination in our schools. They are attacking our children before they have the discernment to see what is being done to them. They are propaganda experts and they know what they are doing.


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