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Muslim Extremism in Mosques

World_leaders_march_In_paris.11jpgYesterday there were demonstrations in Paris that were the largest in French history. These demonstrations were in support of the freedom of speech. More than 3,000,000 people showed up. It is encouraging to see people come to the streets and say, “We are fed up with this.”

There were national leaders from more than forty nations that showed up for the march to show their solidarity with the French people. There was one nation that was visibly absent from the march. Even though Eric Holder was in Paris for a meeting, no one from the United States showed up for the march. It is interesting that the US seems to be pulling back from what might be a movement that may change the way we look at the issue of Islamic terrorism. It might, notice it said might, make our leaders willing to tell the truth and link the ideology of Islam to the terrorism that we see world-wide.

The video below is from the program “Dispatches”, a program similar to our 60 Minutes. About a year ago Dispatches sent an undercover reporter into the largest mosque in London and found that Islamic extremism was being taught there. The leaders said it was a few radicals and that they would take steps to weed them out. Recently Dispatches returned to the same mosque. This video reveals what they found.

The reporter tells us that throwing homosexual off cliffs is nowhere found in the Qur’an. She is right as far as she goes, but when we dig a little deeper into Islamic teachings we find that the Hadith, which are also sources of Islamic teachings, show that this was the practice of the associates of Muhammad and the caliphs. There are also many fatwas that command this. A fatwa is a legal ruling issued by an Islamic scholar.

The Qur’an does condemn sodomy and makes it a capital offense. In the Hadith we find the Muhammad clearly taught that if a married person is found guilty of sodomy they are to be lashed and then stoned. In other places he said they were to be burned. He taught that if they were unmarried they were to be lashed and then banished.

The only way you can eliminate this kine of teaching from Islam is to make Islam something it has never been. The practices taught in this mosque are not unique to the Saudi version of Islam, they are the basic teachings of Muhammad.

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