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Muslim Extremism in Mosques – Part 2

World_leaders_march_In_paris.11jpgBefore we get started I would like to remind you that Fortress of Faith is a ministry which not only exposes Islam for what it is, it is also a ministry to reach Muslims for Christ. We produce materials and teach seminars to help Christians in their evangelistic efforts toward Muslims. I am happy to report that through this part of our ministry we have received reports of at leas sixty Muslims leaving Islam and coming to Christ.

Today I want to continue our look at what the British TV show Dispatches found when they went undercover in the largest mosque in London. If you didn’t watch the video yesterday, or if you want to review it, I have included it here for your convenience.

Remember, this is the second video. Dispatches had gone into this mosque about a year before and had found them teaching extremist doctrines. The mosque said it was just a few radicals and that they would clean this up because this was not what they taught. This second video shows that they have not cleaned it up, and that they are still teaching extremism.

It would be almost impossible for them to teach something other that what we call radical Islam because what they are teaching is the true face of Islam. The “moderates” are trying to change Islam into something that it never was.

The undercover reporter had found extremist materials being sold in their book store. The mosque leaders had said they would remove this material but the reporter found that the same material is still being sold.

The DVD’s sold in the mosque preached that women are less than men and that they must be controlled by a man. They also teach that the Muslims are to keep away from the non-believers. They teach that the Jews are pigs who will be killed at the end of the world.

With the things taught in the mosques, and with what is being sold in their book stores, is it any wonder we are seeing these “home-grown” terrorists in Briton? You can see by what is said in the video that they are really not so “home-grown,” they are really being taught by the extremists of Saudi Arabia..If we don’t take steps to stop this we will see more of this here in America.

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