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Muslim Extremism in Mosques – Part 3


Mosques Are Teaching Islamic Extremism.

For the last couple of days we have been looking at the undercover report done by Dispatches, a 60 Minutes type of TV program in England. The report show the Islamic extremism taught in the largest mosque in London, and in most mosques throughout the country.

This mosque claims to be teaching a “moderate” form of Islam. It says it does not teach violence against non-Muslims. This mosque is not teaching a peaceful form of Islam, it is teaching the killing of the non-believers, the killing of those who leave Islam and other orthodox teachings that come from the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad.

This is the second such investigation and after the first report was released the mosque said they were going to correct this and remove such teaching from its program. The second investigation shows that nothing has changed.

Those who call themselves “moderates” are trying to re-invent Islam and make it something it is not, nor has ever been. These “moderates” are the true radicals because they have departed from historical Islam. Those who are being called “radical” have the Islamic scriptures on their side, and they are the true face of Islam.

So far we have seen how the women are being indoctrinated and how the book store in the mosque is selling extremist material. Today we are going to focus on what they are teaching about integration and moderation. They are teaching anything but integration and moderation.

Here is the video again:

In contrast to what is being taught in the Mosque, the official government policy is to empower women, to allow them the same freedom as men. Although this official policy is good because it will make us successful and give freedom to women, it is the government trying to change a religion. What would we think of the government tried to change Christianity into something it never was?

In private sessions conducted by the mosque the women are taught that the freedoms sought are wrong. They are told that these freedoms are contrary to the true teachings of Islam.

Materials in the book store teach that women are mentally inferior to men. These materials also support the right of Islam to restrict the travel of women and teaching that when women go to work in the workplace with men they are in clear opposition to the textbook on Sharia.

The Saudi Arabian government denies that there is an official religious establishment in Saudi Arabia. The experts say this is a myth. In fact the Wahhabi religious establishment controls some of the most important leaders in the Saudi government. They control the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the Ministry of Pilgrimage, the judiciary, most of the education system, etc. The religious establishment is controlled by the country’s most important cleric. There is even an organization established by the government to issue official religious opinion.

We are going to stop here because tomorrow the discussion is going to move in a different direction and I want to deal with it in its own article.

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